Slower Than Stock?

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  1. Im new to forum but wondering if anyone could help. I have an 01 gt with the normal bolt ons, but everywhere I see ppl running low 14s completely stock. Out it out to the track and it and the best I could pull was 15.4 at 92.8 mph. It pulls decent just not the times I think it should be. Previous owner says they put stage 2 comp cams in it but not sure. 4.10 gears coming soon. Any ideas would appreciated.
  2. what rpm's are you launching at? auto or manual?
  3. Excessive wheel spin off the line?
  4. that mph is pretty low, is this by chance an automatic convertable?
  5. That certainly sounds off the mark, but keep in mind there are a lot of factors here. First of all, cars never run as quick as you think they *should* at the track, especially your first few trips out. Sometimes, it is weather, or maybe just driver technique. I know here, the weather wrecks havoc on times... we are at 1,000ft (more effect than you would think), and it is often hot and humid.
    If you were driving the car well, it should go quicker than that though.

    If there were any mechanical issue with the car, I would take a guess that the cam timing is off.
  6. I wouldnt be overly concerned with the e.t., but the mph seems way low. Heck, my DD Volvo does 99 mph at the track. I'd pull codes and see what the outer is telling you. Could be time for a fresh tune-up
  7. Not likely or his mph would be higher. The et and mph are pretty accurate for each other, but sounds more like the times for a Camry!
  8. Auto or 5-speed? Hard top or convertible? What was the density altitude?

    Those times actually sound just right for a stock automatic convertible at a few thousand feet of DA.
  9. Time for a serious tune up imo. Have you ever replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, cleaned the MAF, and all that jazz?
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Its a 5 speed coupe. The first couple run of the night I didnt get traction. I launched around 3100 or so rpm and no spin at all on later run with a .357 r/t but 2.36 at the 60'
  11. Its had a full tune up now and discovered something that im extremely unhappy about. Changing plugs I came o the rear cylinders and one side it had one of the plug kits in it and the other side is held in by jb weld. Guess next time I buy a car im gonna look at tbe plugs.
  12. You mean the coil was not bolted into the manifold and they used jb weld to hold it in? When changing the plugs on these cars you can break the brass fitting that the screws fit into for the coils. This happened to me and I had to remove the old brass fitting and insert a new thread for the bolt to screw into. So yeah that probably happened to the previous owner. I dont see it affecting performance as long as its not too loose and doesn't loose its connection to the spark plug.
  13. It appears to be swaled and good contact with the cop. Im guessing they wanted to make it driveable to get it sold and pawn the problem on someone else *me*.
  14. I can see doing that to Car-Max but with a personal sell. What are the Lemon laws in your state. That is really putting your life on the line. I would contact the local Department of Motor Vehicals, I'm sure they have a detective department.
  15. Im not sure but I'll look into it.
  16. sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied. Don't waste your time. It's yours now, so fix what needs fixed and be happy
  17. Yea thats true, it was private sale.
  18. That's what made me nervous about buying a Mustang with a Windsor motor. Even though mine was bone stock I pulled the cops and plugs to make sure. The old lady I bought it from thought I was nuts. Yours is an 01 though it should have a Romeo unless it was an early model.
  19. I didnt know about this problem till after I discovered that mine was set in with jb. I believe mine is July 00, to lazy to walk back out lol. So that would mean its a Windsor?
  20. Ok it was bugging me. Its 11/00