SLP Exhaust for my 01 Cobra

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  1. I have spend most of the day researching the SLP exhaust. Why? Cause I am looking at purchasing it. My car is stock, this will be the first mod to it. Here is my question..... How does it sound? I have heard a few clips on the web here. Some are good and other not so good. So I am looking for a few good opinions on this. I also have the Magnapacks on the brain as well...Soooo, tell me your thought on these two
  2. Go for it, I just purchased a 2004 cobra and the sound is awesome. Romp on it and you'll definatley wake the neighbors.
  3. Get Borla Stingers
  4. Listen to the sound clips and decide for yourself. SLP makes a great exhaust but so do 5 or 6 different other companies. It's all about how loud/surpressed/aggressive you want it to sound. I'll post some custom 2.5" straight pipe exhaust clips on a 2001 for you to hear tommorow. I've also heard great things from the MAC 3". Exhaust opinions are like *******s...everyone has one.

  5. Ive heard the slp sounds pretty ruthless and i mean that in a good way so id prolly go with that or the magnaflow. As far as catbacks are concerned you prolly cant miss either way but heres something else to think about. I just had this done. This muffler shop close to me here in the dfw area sells and installs race ready dumps. Its simply a piece of pipe about 6 inches long that has a removable cap on one end. They simply cut and weld it to the peice of pipe thats inbetween your midpipe and muffler. As far as sound its by far the best imo and ive had a few different setups. It actually made the sound deeper which i wouldnt have expected but was pleasantly suprised. Doesnt seem any louder than when it was running the the straight through mufflers i have. Coolest thing about them though is being able to run with the caps on or off so you can run stock if you want or let it rumble. Parts and labor was around 140 bucks and you cant beat the flow. Just somthing to think about peace.
  6. how are the testings on those as far as emmisions or whatever. I have seen a web site on those but did not know if it was anythign worth doing or not. The guy at my local shop said that they mount a switch and it is kinda like a door that opens and it is a straight pipe when it is open and closed it is like stock. I went to the web site again to see how they sound and they sound pretty good but the way i see it is they can make anything sound good on a web site who says that sound was made from those. So i just decided to wait and see what other people said about them.
  7. my friend has an 04 mach 1 with the slp loudmouth cat back and it sounds like an animal there is nothing else done to the car and it sounds mean as hell. there are a few web sites that have a bunch of different sound clips of all kinds of exaust combos. just do a search for mustang exhaust sound clips. shopping for exhaust sucks. it is a big decision. but like said above, it is all about how you want it to sound. good luck.
  8. I have slp on my 03 and it sounds like nothing else out there. At first I thought it was just to loud but now that I am used to it I love the sound of this thing it just flat out sounds awesome.
  9. I have it on my 01...if you want loud this is the one. It looks mean coming out the back and sounds mean. At idle sounds like I have cam work done.

    WOT is pretty mean, around town is mean.

    It seemed louder when I first had it put on, so it either got more quiet or I got use to it I'm not sure.

    If you guys want to know what it sounds like I live in Indianapolis, IN and you can come here mine. Just let me know. Send a PM
  10. sweet

    Sounds like I am going to make the right decision. I am looking for loud and I think that this will give me what I am looking for. I am going to purchase it today. How was the install by the way?
  11. Will those work in place of the SLP resinators cause I put 2 round magnaflows in thier place and it still makes a red neck blast that will scare a def mule to death at about 2,500 RPM's just cruzin...
  12. So you cut the Resinators out and sliped in the MagnaFlows... How do you like the sound difference?
  13. Its better now... but still REALLY loud... louder than my brother's Kenne Belle Cobra with 17 psi boost and off road Borla exhaust... of coarse I am not running cats either...
  14. ahhh. okay. I will be running cats. The stock ones for a while. So I am hoping that it will still be loud but still have a good sound to it.
  15. An SLP catback will sound mean as hell by ITSELF, but once you combine it with a midpipe and/or headers, it starts to sound like obnoxious junk. I heard a Mustang with Longtubes, shorty x-pipe and loudmouth catback and it sounded absolutely horrible.

    If you NEVER plan on getting a midpipe or headers, go ahead with the SLP LM catback. But if you do, go a different route.

    I suggest a Bassani offroad Xpipe and Bassani Quiet Thunder or Street Competition catback. Both will be loud (Street comp louder), will have a very mean tone to them, yet won't sound like bubbling poop/nails like the Loudmouth does. Plus they will make just as much/more power. Just my opinion.
  16. I like the quality of the SLP though... it was the best quality as far as the whole kit that I have seen so far... even better quality than Bassani that my brother has... plus the tips are the best lookin tips I have seen... I SOS mine all the time for the bling bling.... but like ole boy said... its pretty obnoxious.. want to pipe it down with a quiter muffler but its runnin so good right now I'm scared I'll restrict it some..
  17. I also got the SLP catted x-pipe which you can adjust to accept headers later. I plan on shorties or mid lengths as my car is lowered and I already have barely any clearance with this new exhaust.
  18. I have SLP long tubes catted x-pipe and cat back and it just sounds plain mean the quality of this set up is second to none. Like I said in a previous post it took a while to get used to but I really like this set up more and more
  19. I heard a GT (online) that had headers, O/R X Pipe and SLP Cat Back and I have to say it was crazy loud... BUT, it did sound like a bunch of nails being thrown at a weed wacker... Just a real high scream but not enough growl. But when I go with a catted X pipe and I don't like the sound I guess I could buy some other mufflers and place them on the cat back instead of the res. JUst a thought... It would be cheaper also.