SLP Exhaust Stuff?????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stang2Man, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Mostly wondering if any Fox Body guys are running mufflers or any type of exhaust stuff from SLP? I know they are noted for GM performance stuff, but if they are the same ones that built the mufflers for the Berger Camaroes, damn you all should've heard those cars on the Power Tour. Anyway. Also has anybody ever put 94 and later type of exhaust on a Fox body with LX or Cobra Rear bumper??
    Any info would be good.
  2. sorry not sure about the exhaust--any soundclips anyone? beside the mustangexhaust one?....BUT damn u sure have a shi.itload of mustangs. where do u put them
  3. GM or not, thats ignorant as hell to refuse to buy a product because they make it for the rivaling car... If they made it for the 5.0 I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

    Everytime i hear a LS1 drive by with no cats and a Loudmouth catback, it deffinatly gives me a look of amazement! It is VERY loud!

    I actually called SLP and asked if they would just sell me the resonators and i would take it to meinekee to have done.. Unfortunately they dont
  4. Are Berger Camaros all that?? I guess just cause I grew up around Berger dealership and see them every year they've become numb on me...
  5. i guess it would be kind of ignorant, but the 1 and ONLY reason they came to mustangs is b/c theyare gonna go bankrupt if they didnt. SO basically they are gonna try and use us b/c b4 that they had no plans to get involved
  6. From what I seen out of the Bergers they are pretty bad, me and a guy in a green Bullit were running with them at least from Memphis to Clarksdale, I think the guy in the Bullit was actually one of the long haulers, had a cowboy hat and stuff, I'm pretty sure one of the Mustang Mags had a small article on his car. But I just couldn't get over the sound that those cars had. Especially the yellow convertible, that guy just loved to hammer into his, with the top down, and in low gears just for the fun of it.
    As far as my stangs and where I keep em. I've got my GT and my SHO in TN with me, the rest of my stangs are back home in Ohio until I can get myself a place bought, but at home I've got 2 in the garage and the others in the driveway at home. Sometimes you gotta do what it takes when you get laid off from a job, oh well.
    Hearing that SLP won't just sell the resonators sucks. After lookin at their website I was hoping to buy em and have em installed. Maybe they'll just sell em, if enough people ask about em.
  7. Good point, but even so, what does it matter?? The way i see it is if they make a nice exhaust, what the heck does it matter if they are using us for money.. the products are good, sooo why not
  8. the exhaust on the berger camaros is not the SLP loudmouth. Its the GMMG chambered exhaust. Loudmouth is a bad ass sounding exhaust. My friend has it on his 2000 Z28 and you can hear him everywhere. I definetly want to see what it sounds like on a mustang.