SLP exhaust?

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  1. i just bought all my bassani Exhaust and all i know but im thinking of the SLP catback....just wondering since it doesnt have mufflers would it still pass emissions? and is it really loud? Thanks guys! also willing to sell the bassani catback :nice:
  2. The SLP is a very loud system. Idiot5.0 has the loudmouth and has soundclips of it. With the stock mid-pipe, the system is loud. It sounds sorta GMish though. The loudmouth with an O/R pipe would be almost the equivalent of straight pipes, it would be just way too loud. The SLP will still pass inspection though, since it has those baffles, but you still run the risk of getting pulled over for a loud exhaust.
  3. Yes, the SLP catback will still pass emissions. As long as you have your cats on your car you will be all right. I am looking into the SLP exhaust too. And yes it is loud. It sounds really good though. Especially if you have a off road X-pipe. Then it will be really loud. How much are you selling the bassani for?
  4. awesome i just bought my bassani with the mid pipe but i wanna get the SLP for my car so im going to sell the bassani for like 450 plus shipping im from cleveland ohio 44130 area code
  5. Please, dont even think of getting an o/r h-pipe with SLP catback. If your in chicago sometime soon just pm me and well meet up. Its way too loud to even think of an o/r h-pipe.
  6. yes i will prob use my o/r X pipe by bassani with the SLP catback....I WANT IT LOUD! :banana: Also how is the quality
  7. stay with the bassani..... I and everyone I know cant stand the new mustang SLP catback.

    sorry, but its the truth. so if you dont want people saying "man that exhaust sounds like ass" every time you drive off, dont get it :(
  8. Idiot5.0 has the SLP and it sounds bad ass. I have only heard it at idle. And I am like you FordStang i have a o/r X pipe and I think I am getting the SLP cat back. I want mine loud. 95snoozer what is so bad about the SLP catback.
  9. All i can say is thumbs up to the SLP exhaust when i get it....I WANT IT LOUD! :nice:
  10. you can be loud AND sound good..

    you might as well just run straight pipes with a resonator from jegs.... or just bullets. such a waste of money for nothing... when you could put it towards something else, like heads.

    something liek Mac flowpaths or Spintechs would be loud and have a nice sound instead of..... ah forget it.
  11. Hey, too each there own. The reason why I bought SLP was because not very many people have it so when people ask its not always flowmaster or magnaflow. I wanted something different from the norm but it looks like its becoming more popular.

    I dont like the sound of the catback when you give it a quick rev but under load it sounds better than anything Ive heard of. Well better then most.

    And the only this about fitment is that the right side it about a 1/4 inch too long on the front half so I have to get an exsaust shop to shorten it and thats it.
  12. Sorry, guy. Im not trying to dog your exhaust.

    Its just that everyone I knows opinions are that it sounds bad. Thats why I love the spintechs. It sounds different, and under load at 2k it has a very unique sound that the inside of teh muffler causes.

    "Spin Tech's patented design provides maximum performance for today's modern engines. Its all done by means of a Spin sound trap, which captures sound vibration (noise) and turns it into heat within the muffler case. As exhaust gases enter they are routed to the spin traps which create a high velocity vortex trapping the sound waves. The extremely high flow rates are achieved by a unique internal scavenging system that creates a venturi effect."

  13. Geese, you really like your spintechs.
  14. I want new mufflers. I considered Spintechs for the longest time, but I haven't been overly impressed with the soundclips I've heard online. I might like them better in person...I wish I could hear them right in front of me.

    I'm also considering Borla and Magnaflows/Magnapacks. I wish I could hear those frickin Spintechs though!!
  15. Ill take a vid for you with high quality.... but my car is dumped right now... so its gonna be all deep and droned out.

    when I get the cash I am welding the tips back on. Spintechs and an X pipe sound absolutely sick. everyone in the car scene here agrees. based on the few cars with the setup.

    and Idiot, I just coppied off the site
  16. Oh ok, it sounded a little teckincal. But honestly Ive never heard spintschs so please post when you get a clip.
  17. I've heard them on a few cars, like Camaros and other cars. They sound mean when you get the engine revving. All you hear is a ringing sound type thing that comes from the mufflers. It's cool, but not really what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone know where I can hear Borla or Bassani exhaust at? I can't find sound clips with those anywhere.
  18. Even though it's cool to be different...IMO it'd be a mistake to sell the bassanis. The SLP sounds too GMlike (only judging from what I've heard in sound clips), and the tips look cool from the back, but I think they look funny from the side cause they don't go back far enough on the tail pipe. IMO, you already have the bassani just use it and put the money and time it'd take to get the SLP one into something else. Whichever though, long as you like it that's all that counts. :nice:

    EDIT: JordanJ...If you know someone who can host a vid I can get you a sound clip of mine with the Bassani AFtercat/Bassani O/R X/Mac Headers combo...I'm not sure how to reduce the file size or who can host it when I take vids.
  19. I'll try to get you a sound clip of my exhaust, whenever I have a chance to record one.