SLP is Making Parts for Mustangs, but ......

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  1. SLP is Making Parts for Mustangs, but ......

    I don't know about you all but I am not happy with my Mac H-pipe at all. I have been looking for a alternative but unless you get a custom weld job, there is nothing really out there. BUT here is something I find interesting. SLP Performance, you know those guys that make Chevy stuff just started making Mustang Parts. They have already come out with a X-pipe for the GT's, Mach 1's and Cobra's. They have also came out with a CAT BACK systems again for the GT's, Mach 1's and Cobra's that sounds DAMN good. You can listen to it here..THE TECH ARTICLE AT WEST COAST FORDS

    SLP seems to be looking for ways to stay in business, and I believe this is a GOOD OPPERTUNITY for us to let them know we are looking for other suppliers. I hope you all will check them out and e-mail them asking to make parts for the V6 stangs. Also I want to point out that their exhaust system is very modular in design. You all might want to ask them to just make the tubes from the headers to the X-pipe. We may not benifit from a X-pipe but it is another choice besides Mac-H-pipes.

    SLP Performance X-pipe
    SLP Loud Mouth For Mustangs
    SLP Performance Contact Page

    The Images of their parts!
  2. does it work for the v6?
  3. The catback does, but what I am after is a replacement for the Y-pipe. The cat back bolts onto the Mac H-pipe or a Pacesetter conversion. I hate the Mac H-pipe and I would like a alternative. I know we do not beinifit from a H-pipe or a X-pipe but the only aftermarket one is made by Mac. These people have jumped on the Mustangs and they are trying to expand their business. The QUALITY of their pieces is very good, a couple steps up from Mac. That's why I am pushing them so much. I really would like to trash my Mac H-pipe.
  4. Yea, I agree, the sound of this application is RUGGED, but in order for me to put it on I'd be spending an arm and a leg :)

  5. One other thing, their X-pipe is modular in design. They made it so that the GT's, Mach 1's and Cobra owners can later switch to Long tubs that bolt right up to the cats. They also made it so that you can remove the CATS and bolt in straight pipes. That's something no other maker has done.

  6. That's pretty slick.
  7. I'd like to see an alternative for the crappy MAC long tubes for the V6, and not HTS coated.

  8. Well let these guys know!!!!
  9. OK, done.
  10. mail sent.