Exhaust Slp Loudmouth 1's On My 98 Gt Too Loud?

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  1. I recently bought a 98 GT and started to put mods on it. I already have installed a CAI, Planning to install a 70mm Throttle body, and now I am going to install aftermarket mufflers/resonators in my car. I love the sound of the SLP Loudmouth 1's but i am concerned if they are too loud. i will be installing these with the stock exhaust system but in the future i may install a catted x - pipe. i leave every weekday at 7am and don't want to wake up any of the neighbors. Do any of you have these installed? Are they too loud for a neighborhood?
  2. It'll only be too loud if you use an o/r mid pipe.
    As long as you have cats you'll be fine.
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  3. +1
  4. Without cats, LM1s are obnoxiously loud and sound terrible to me.

    With a high-flow catted midpipe, they'll still be plenty loud. My granddad has LM2s (quieter than LM1s) with a catted midpipe on his 04 Mach 1, and it's easily as loud as my car (non-catted Prochamber with 2-chamber Flowmasters) under any kind of load. Unless it was a track or weekend-only car, catted mid + LM2s is about as loud as I'd go. All personal preference, though.
  5. Should be able to go on youtube and find a lot of vids for different exhaust combos
  6. I have SLP LM1's and at the time of purchase/installation, I had the stock h pipe. I have recently installed a BBK O/R X Pipe and am now looking for chambered mufflers because the LM1 O/R x pipe combo is just too loud. Although the LM1's sound really good in my opinion, but they are way too loud for a DD. Hope this helps.
  7. thanks for all the replys, i just bought the slp loudmouth's 1's and will install them with the stock H pipe, then in the future, i will change the catbacks
  8. why are we swapping mufflers in with the rest of the exhaust being stock? Save your time and money and do it all at once. Scour craiglist or the classifieds to get what you want. Sucks being stuck under your car hammering and wrenching away only to do it again in a few months
  9. well right now it's an idea to change the cats, but if the mufflers satisfy me, i will keep them
  10. With cats, high flow or not. You will be more than satisfied. I know I was before I got my O/R X Pipe. I still, but daily driving is quite the headache now.
  11. Great! i can't wait until they come, and yes i do think X pipes will be too loud
  12. O/R X pipes with chambered mufflers are the perfect tone.
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  13. I had an H and a Prochamber through stock muffs and it sounded pretty good.