SLP Loudmouth Video/Sound Clips!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by cleveland, May 3, 2005.

  1. That is probably the best quality recording I have heard for the SLPs. They sound amazing, and I can't wait to get my car so that I can put some on.
  2. SLP Loudmouths

    Are these exhausts even legal in CA? I heard that if you have no mufflers or sound too loud you can get ticketed. Is this true? Has anyone had any problems? Also, aside from SLP, what you guys rather get- Borla or JBA's cat back systems??? I'm still in a personal dilemma of what I want for my mustang GT. I just want to get in the ballpark of the same tone as Eleanor (Shelby GT500). I know they're completely different setups, but I just want a sound that is similar in respects to that awesome growl from the movie. I love that deep growl and I want my car to sound as if it were a wannabe GT500. Thanks for your help, people! :nice:
  3. Sounds great.

    I like the deep idle.
  4. I think I just messed my pants. That sounds awesome.

    Guamie - yes, you can get a fix-it ticket in CA for being too loud and/or a points ticket if you're showing off, but unless you're burning rubber or hauling azz or driving like an idiot you will generally be left alone. Also depends on where you are at what time and though I hate to admit it, how old you look.

    I've always had aftermarket pipes on my motorcycles and performance cars and I've never been written up for it (even the time I blew by two nice cops at full throttle 2nd gear 60 mph in a 35 zone in my LOUD Subaru WRX a couple years ago). They pulled me over, but let me go - although they did mention the loud exhaust.
  5. Sounds awesome, just too loud for me.
  6. AWESOME! :nice: Mine are in the living room waiting for my Redfire GT along with 20 other parts. :D
  7. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Sounds awesome, just too loud for me.[/QUOTE]

    I agree. But they do sound good.
  8. I think that is where my wife would draw the line, Storing parts in the living room....not that there is anything wrong with that... :hail2:
  9. I have the JBAs and I looooooove them. They really aren't as loud as those SLPs, but I think that they have a more deeper tone (more muscle caresque ) to them. I'm not bashing SLP!!! So don't bite my nuts off, but I just prefer my deeper JBAs to the SLPs.
  10. Ahh...thats good to hear, I have them on order.
  11. Dan, Someone posted your clips on another site and I almost died! That's the best I've heard the SLP's sound. All the rest a raspier than your clips. How would you say all the other clips out there sound compared to real life?
  12. That sounds sick! Wouldn't mind having a pair of SLP's on hand if I get bored of the Magnapacks. Is that vehicle stock?
  13. At the time of that video clip the car was completely stock in terms of performance, just the addition of the Loudmouths. It was lowered but that doesnt count.

    All the other clips I have ever heard or seen arent close to the quality of my video or real life, I didnt want to compress the file for that reason. I wanted to share the real sound of the SLPs since nobody else could.

  14. I'm with him.
  15. Well I have my SLP on and I think they sound pretty good. Very unique sound. Thanks again for the clip cleveland. Yous is definitely th emost accurate sound.
    I'll be getting a friend of mine to drive it later so i can hear it from outside the car. It's surprisingly quite inside the car, but I can tell from the echoes off other cars it's pretty load.