Mach 1 SLP Loudmouth

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Funhog, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Any information on them..good/bad or pros/cons. I found them for $350 and I was wondering if thats a good price. It said something about them being the old style with welded resonators. Can someone tell me what that means? Thanks

    Edit: I did some research and found out the dif btwn the old and new. BTW, I would stay with the stock H pipe. What do you think?
  2. Until I put an X pipe to go with my 'Packs, my 'Packs sounded pretty mellow. After the x pipe, holy cow, what a difference. People hear you coming from 3 blocks away. I like that. If you want a mellower sound, leave the stock H on.
  3. I have the LM-1s and wouldn't go back. Get them, you'll like......

    BTW doesn't this end the bone stock status of your Mach 1?
  4. yes this will end the bone stock status of the mach..what do you think?
  5. It will unfortunately start you down the long, slippery slope of modding....there is no turning back once started.
  6. Beavis is wise. :Word:
  7. I say get a mid-pipe first. Or better yet, both. :D
  8. If I got a midpipe it would be an O/R H...I do not like the sound of an X pipe. What do you think of the SLP LM1's with either the stock mid or an O/R mid?
  9. They might be too loud with a O/R mid-pipe, but I haven't heard one with that setup in person. The LM-1s with the MRT catted H-pipe is perfect for me.
  10. slp loud mouth is just that. Loud!

    I recommend a bassani off road x-pipe and a magnaflow cat back.

    The sound at idle is bearly louder than stock and cruising under 2K rpm is a dream..but you lay in it and wow..sounds awesome!

    BBK off road x-pipe still sounds like an h-pipe to me..and the design is really close to an h-pipe. Might as well save the money and get the h-pipe.

    That's my experience with my mach and my .02

    Hope it helps,