SLP Loudmouths vs. Nothing at all!

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  1. Here's a quick "informational" video I made of my Mustang to show you the similarities and difference of SLP Loudmouths vs. no Mufflers at all.

    YouTube - SLP Loudmouths vs. Nothing at all!

    Wish I would have recorded the Dual GT mufflers before I ripped them off. Could have thrown that in there as well.
  2. i dig the "nothing at all". i think it sounds more solid and a bit more aggressive.
  3. Yes it does, but, the videos can't inform you on how crazy the drone is from "nothing at all" lol. It was so bad i was only able to handle a couple days of it before i slapped my old mufflers back on. Which then led me to get the SLP Loudmouths, which are not nearly as bad.
  4. nice job on the video. Although I didn't hear much difference in sound quality, you could tell a difference in tone from the sound exiting behind the rear fascia and under the car. Regardless, the only person either exhaust system needs to make happy is you.

    A tune sure would tighten up those shifts.
  5. How did you keep the over the axle pipes from hitting the axle?
  6. There are some mounts located right after the transmission that I saw while thinking the same thing you were. (I was thinking I would have to make some temporary mounts while I drove without mufflers) Between that and being hooked to the engine, they hold them selves up pretty well and don't even come close to touching the axles. They do kinda bounce around a little up there but not enough to bang into anything.

    And yeah, a Tune and a CAI is next on the list. What's your recommendation as far as brand/kits go?
  7. How did you like the Gt Takeoffs compared to the Loudmouths? I've been entertaining the idea of swapping my takeoffs with the Loudmouths but I'm pretty happy with my setup now. Just wondering if there's much of a difference.
  8. I like the GT Takeoffs almost equally. They sound good but you just can't hear them while driving and they're not loud enough to my liking. The Loudmouths are loud enough to hear but the draw back is the droning you get while speeding up. Luckily for me though, I do most of my driving at 55mph and the drone is pretty much null at that speed and above.

    After a few years i could see myself putting the GT Takeoffs back on because of the quietness they bring inside, but we'll see. I would miss popping it into neutral under the overpass and revving it though. God that's so much fun and loud!

    Also, after i drove around with no exhaust on for about a week and then put the GT takeoffs back on, it was such a sound difference that it felt as if i was driving a silent hybrid.
  9. Thanks! Good to know :nice: Loudmouths might have to go on my to do mod list

  10. Wow, I think I like your stang more than mine, lol. Sounds better too I think. :D What retune did you use?
  11. i started off with the basic C&L. i also have a diablo mafia and i set it to 5%+ then i extended the maf curve another 2 points positive, then i advanced the timing 2 on low rpms and 3 for the higher rpms. then the wot fuel i richened it up 2 points at lower rpms and 3.5 at high rpms. i think that's about it. it was alot of driving and tuning. i've been told it's a really aggressive tune. but i also have a full list of bolt-ons too so, i don't know how this would affect a different set-up.

  12. Nice, I'll keep it in mind when I go to get mine done someday. And i really love that yellow on black scheme. Love a good orange and black one too. How much crap do people give you for doing all that to a V6?
  13. i get a litlle bit, but most don't think that it is a 6. it runs really strong and performs great. what people give me the most crapp about is when i tell them what all i have race and won. they can't believe that i have taken a few stock or close to stock lt1s and ls1s. they claim i'm full of it. but that's ok, the ones i meet in person are believers. lol
  14. Haha, yeah, from your video, it doesn't seem like a 6 at all. Sure doesn't sound like it either. You been to a track at all or can guess what kind of 1/4 miles you might be running?
  15. i think i'm running low 13s, maybe high 12. i can hope anyways. lol i ran an 02 trans am ws6 with an exhaust, hypertech tune and cai. we hit it at 20 and went to 120. it was even the entire race. we ran twice from that speed and it was the same bolth times. as soon as the weather clears up i'm gonna try to make it to the track. good or bad, i will post the times.
  16. Question?

    Are you gents running cats? or no cats? thanx
  17. I still have stock cats on.
  18. i still have the stock cats as well.
  19. thanx for the response.....

    It will sound and drive like crap with out the cars righ?