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  1. Why does the left exhaust pipe flow more? Or smoke, or whatever? :shrug:
  2. Man, it sounds so good...
  3. No freakin' idea.!LOL:shrug:
  4. i cant wait till they come out with the one for the GT
  5. are you gonna take the ristrictor plate off?
  6. HUH?
  7. S&B has been watching too much NASCAR...

    My car has more condinsation out of the left tail pipe also... Must be a thing with that side of the exhaust system.
  8. sounds kinda like my 40's I think.
  9. :bang:

    Now they tell me it is a restrictor plate,I always though it was a "throttle body enhancer" and just took a few races to break in befor it picked up in et.


  10. It's not exactly street legal.
  11. Im not a fan at all... sounds like an old farm truck to me, but if you like it than thats awesome.
  12. Give the red dragon a little more juice...

  13. again, as I've stated before...with videos...they have one! :nonono:

  14. I LOVE IT! :nice:
  15. better keep that on the down low.
  16. Its not exactly street legal.