Small Block engine Pics

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  1. I'm getting ready to put my engine back in my 66 fastback and need some ideas on looks and add-ons. i'd like to see some pics of your engines to get some ideas and to remind me of what its supposed to look like since its been so long since I pulled the engine :D
  2. Heres mine,all wiring is hidden,not much for add ons,just the basic stuff.
  3. Opentracker What kind of radiator is that what mods do i need to do???Im about ready to light mine on fire if it doesnt do it by itself :(
  4. It's a cross flow out of a '73 Mustang, to match the Cleveland motor. I had to trim the radiator support a bit. It sits a little farther worward than the stock set up and I use an electric fan. The grey box on the side is the oil cooler and I de-wired the engine compartment.

  5. thanks,i need to find a solution to this thing or wait till winter to drive it :rlaugh:
  6. Brian.... think im gonna go look for a tortoise fan next week and try some new things,whats the width of the shroud?
  7. mount that fan to a fox body 3 row radiator and you too can cruise all day with water temps at 150.
  8. guess ill get a cheaper aluminum one(i like my bling) and start counting pennies,maybe recycle the Be Cool :rlaugh:
  9. iskwezm,
    where did you get that air cleaner set up, i want one for my car, but all the ones that i have found cost upwords of $150.

  10. I think his cost about 2k :D
  11. just the carb hat is what i am asking about, but if it did cost 2k holy wow,
  12. yeah it was $2000,but it came with the blower :rlaugh:

    Call Paradise Wheel in San Marcos,Ca,they reproduce the carb hats.
  13. Brian,

    What upper radiator hose are you using in this photo?

  14. i think he said it was all late model 5.0 stuff.
  15. 2k for a little carb hat.. wow :D
  16. Not in this case. That's not V8 from '74 on up.
  17. 1970 Boss 302.