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  1. Sorry to add another off tangent post on this thread, but MDJay, where oh where did you get / how did you fabricate that triple clutch and brake reservoir setup? I'm thinking it's a dual JMC brake unit, but what is the master and reservoir?
  2. Do you have 2 master cylinders? Or just 2 tanks?
  3. Ah, what the heck. Here's a few pictures of my former 65 Clone. That's a late model 5.0 motor, dressed to look vintage, along with lots of little tricks, like stainless fasteners, hidden wiring, re-routed plug wiring, etc.... Sometimes, the things you DON'T notice/see are as important as the things you DO see... :nice:



  4. Aha! Very clevor!

    Yo Dan, I thought you transplanted the 302 from your parts car into Cobrask8? What's with the 289?
  5. TCP Export Brace Kit enough for all that?

    :drool: :drool: Love the Paxton, they just look so classy. I have the TCP Export Brace kit too, but I also have room to put the other braces on that go from Monte Carlo bar to shock tower. My question is this:

    -Lots of guys on Stangnet claim that due to the Heim joint design the TCP kit can't resist flex much, if at all. I feel like it still keeps the shock towers equidistant when they pull away from each other. With all that power you've got there, do you feel the TCP kit is sufficient?

    I did so much to the front end at the same time (r&p, coilovers, Boss 302 crossmember) that it's hard to isolate what the kit did to that.
  6. Just a few...






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  7. after looking at these my opinion of my engine compartment has changed... I used to think it was pretty nice.... you all have very nice stuff, I would have to kick the wife to the curb to compete!! :D
  8. Answering yours and Brian's questions. The JMC set-up is a dual master, dual res. unit with a bias bar for adjusting out the rear brakes. The Hydraulic res is just mouted along the side for looks. JMC actually installed the entire thing. If you live in the San Diego area, they are a good source, and friends of ours.
  9. Just keep her out of the garage, It works for me :)

    In all honesty my better half actually appreciates my car and doesn't give me any (well, much) grief when I buy things for it.
  10. PAK,

    It is the Roller 5.0, just dressed as a Hi-Po 289!

    Note the standard 5.0 Alt assembly.
  11. I have stated this in sevaral threads about using pivot ends on the shock tower braces. While they hold on a vertical plane by keeping the shock towers from flexing in, they do not hold on a horizontal plane to stop a wallowing effect. However the effect is very minimal, but the potential is there. They look great and are functional, but I think either the stock ones or the Maier ones are a more logical for the Falcon/Mustang shock tower style front ends.

    With that said, this car is pretty darn tight and I don't really notice any flex going on. There is no room to run either the classic or the Maier style bars/braces so I have to run the pivot rods for the flexibility of mounting while bracing the towers.

    With this car, the only current issue I really have is the TCP power rack. It's just too sensitive for this car. It could be the KRC pump is a little aggressive even though I only have a 1.05 gpm flow valve in it. I could slow down the pump with a different pulley, but I think I'm just going to use the TCP manual rack instead. This car just has too much power to run power steering. You just can't feel "in the wheel" what the car wants you to do to keep it straight.
  12. Jay,

    How is the pedal feel with the JMC unit? Heavier/lighter than a factory PDB setup? How about pedal travel, more/less/equal?

    I ask because that unit would solve some of my problems. As long as pedal effort is appropriate I may go that route. Also glad to see another joining the manual TCP-R&P membership ranks, I just don't like power steering outside of the parking lot.
  13. While it does stop, it seems to take a considerable effort to push the pedal.

    The pedal is adjusted about half way depressed and it doesn't seem to drop very much from there at full effort.

    It's pretty close to the stock single bowl non power disc set-ups in feel. But less travel!
  14. Hmmmm...thanks for the reply...NOT what I was hoping for...I dislike the over-assisted (IMO) steering but I'll take a little more assist when it comes to braking.

    Do you have the JMC 13"s in front, and if so do you think large brakes might be the cause for the higher pressure requirements?
  15. SSBC Superduty 11" disc brakes...

    I'm with you so I'm seeking an alternative to go back to the booster and dual bowl master with an offset for the manual brakes.

    Only problem is I need to use a vacuum booster!

    I'm talking to Scott Drake about it and waiting on feedback from John over at JMC!!!
  16. What size bore are the masters cylinders? I really can't help, I like to learn about things though.
  17. Thanks Jay, and I'm a long way from San Diego, but no fear, it's not giving me that must have feeling, but it is very cool, well finished.
  18. basic fox 5.0 cooling system parts. radiator and hoses, I did have a fox tstat housing and reverse rotation pump at one very short time since they are dirt cheap but went back to the original aluminum tstat housing and switched to the moroso pump,which needed a longer lower hose.

    I think we need to add sound clips of all these pretty engines.....
  19. If you look at my earlier reply, the Blue Boss 302 also has the dual JMC unit. I feel the pedal is way too hard even for being manual. I have the Wilwood six-piston brakes on the front and that is supposed to ease the effort in a manual system but its still too hard with very little travel. I will be looking into it hard the next two weeks. I hope the installer did not install the larger bore JMC unit. He should have put in the smaller bore unit like I told him to. I might be going with Hydroboost so I will have a JMC for sale soon...too bad, the unit is very nice.