Fuel Smells Like Fuel When Parked Hot

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  1. Unlike the other stinky car on here, mine only smells when parked hot. Yes, the exhaust will smell up the garage a bit, but this is not it. After it has been in the garage a while, I would be living dangerously to light a match! The gas cap is new and the smell is not from the carb or even under the hood. I am looking to replace all the rubber hoses (again). I see no leaks on the floor and it is not smelly in the trunk either.

    How about testing the lines between the tank and pump by blocking one end and pressurizing the other end to 10 psi with my air compressor?

    Could my exhaust be cooking the fuel in the tank and be vaporizing it out the vent line to my garage?
  2. If it has a Holey it could have a blown power valve or it just could be flooding .Take the air cleaner off after the next drive and see if it is dripping in side the carb. or if it looks wet inside .If you are having trouble with the rubber hoses you need to change them to fuel injection hose ,the new gas will eat the regular fuel hose . Also look at the fuel pump ,you will see a small hole on the body ,If the fuel pump has a small hole in the diaphragm it can leak gas from this hole .Check the oil ,does it smell from gas ? The fuel pump can also leak in to the crank case if it has an internal leak.
  3. I posted it is not under the hood. That includes the carb and fuel pump. My first finding was Holley had a burr in the hole where the needle seat goes in that messed up the needle seat washer, and the bowl had a leaky plug. This was on a new carb. That did not fix the smell. It just made it smell better under the hood.

    A lazy mechanic I asked to examine the lines hot on the lift just said it was a leaky gas cap. ( I do not think it ever made it up in the air.) Then why was there no sloshed gas or smell there? But I replaced the cap too.

    So back to my specific questions, are hot tailpipes boiling my fuel, or should I pressure test the hard lines? It only smells when parked hot. Cool it off, move it in, then it does not stink up the place.