Smog pump bypass???

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  1. I just put on a new o/r h-pipe with the little smog line on it. I hooked it all up and when , and only when, I accelerate it makes a loud sound which sounds like an exhaust leak. (but there is no leak). From what I hear it is the smog pump pumping air in and making that noise.

    Now...can I just disconnect it from the h-pipe, plug up the inlet on the h-pipe, and leave the smog line hang there and stil be pumped by the belt. :shrug:

    I also heard something about how it is hooked to the headers or something??

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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  4. Okay, here's what ya do.

    Get a ASP delete pulley and pull that whole worthless thing off before it quits on you.

    Even if it's not all hooked up, it's still going to be pumping as long as the belt is on there. Or you can use this diagram to bypass it.

    To cap the H pipe off, you can use some rubber caps from the Help! section of your auto store. Mine have lasted thousands of miles already without any leaks.

    Then of course there are the holes on the back of your heads. See that metal pipe running along the back end of your heads? Yea, that needs to go. Take an open ended wrench and a big ole breaker bar and some lub and get busy. Once they are off, cut the pipe off and keep the metal piece. Just reverse it so the flat part is against the back of the head. Then retighten.

    We don't have emisson bull out here in Oklahoma, but you might. So if none of this helps, you might just have to reroute the belt after inspection.
  5. and as far as engine temps, my gauge doesn't go past the 'o' in normal very much. Never in the winter, fall, or spring, but sometimes in the summer. :)

    I used to overheat and such when I had the smog pump on though.
  6. I hava allmost same problem like you , There is 3 choice to fix your problem

    You can disconect two little hoses from AIR MANAGEMENT VALVE
    You can delete smog pump and all hoses and all valves and plug one bolt into rubber hose (this one comming from heads), Then you have to bought belt(shorter than before )from AutoZone or Advanceautoparts or from other auto parts store , belt size is 905k6 , when you do this ,noise from smog pump like rrrrrrr is gone and you can pick up one tenth and 2-3 peak HP
    OR you can just pass smog pump ,put short belt and leave smog pump and everithing in place

    If you wanna delete smog pump AND only pass A/C pully ,you need 820k6 belt , so when you run on the track you run without A/C than you can change betl after run and put normal one (without smog pump -905k6)

    here is two links

    And here is pics


    I hope so this gonna help you
  7. Not clear on this .....

    If I just get the shorter belt so the smog pump doesn't turn and leave everything else hooked up, is that OK?

    And, I can plug the hose from the H-Pipe or would that be necessary to keep the exhaust from blowing back into the hose? I thought I would plug the hose and just put it back on and remove the plug if I had to hook the belt back up.
  8. Yes ,right just plug pipe from H-pipe and disconect rubber hose from valves and plug bolt like I did

    here is pics of that rubber hose


    If you run on any problems just let me know
  9. OK.... I am going to leave everything in place for now and get a shorter belt to bypass the smog pump so it won't turn. I will cap the small pipe on the H-Pipe and clamp the smog tube back on so it won't flop around. I guess this will be OK and stop that noise since it will be blocked..... any problem with doing it this way?
  10. No problems with doing it that was. That was how mine was when I bought it. I just finished the job this past weekend and yanked the pump and all the other crap associated with it off. Wasn't too bad took a couple hours. The worst part is trying to squeeze back behind the heads to take the tube off. Not a lot of room.
  11. HEY HEY HEY!!! If your going to remove that steel tube that goes to the H-Pipe.. DO NOT HACK IT UP! I'm in desperate need of one! There are two bolts that hold it to the car.. one on the back of the passenger side header and one on the bottom of the car near where it connects to the H-Pipe! I NEED IT! Let me know if you plan to remove it!
  12. I'm leaving mine all on for now... maybe RYC CUKR has them since he took them off.

    The new belt 905k6 is a little too long on my car.... the tensioner only has about 1/8" left to move... I'm going back right now and get a 895k6 which should be just right.
  13. I don't take out that tube off, you can see in pics
  14. Yes if 905k6 is long go with 895k6 , some 94-95 Mustangs need 905k6 sone 895k6
  15. Mine looks like it was used in a prison fight. :rlaugh: