Smog Pump Removal Question

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  1. So I know most people buy the thermactor plugs but I'm looking at and wonder why people just don't cap it where the check valve screws on on the top hose. They have to make a cap that fits those thread sizes I would think. In other words, the hard tube would still run to the back of the head but the check valves and things would be gone. Is that possible and has anyone done it. Seems like it was be way easier to do that.

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  2. That's how i previously did mine. I wanted to remove the hard tube at a later date when i pulled the engine so i could install the threaded plugs.

    Fortunately, that method allowed me to easily reverse what I had done when i reinstalled all my smog equipment a few years ago.
  3. Do you happen to know the thread size of that thing by chance. I was going to look for a plug or just put a large bolt in the tubing and hose clamp it. I screw on cap would look cleaner and faster but in sure either would work. Once day when I get froggy and need the motor pulled and rebuilt I pull it then. Or when I swap heads.
  4. Not off the top of my head. It's been years.
  5. Exactly how I did mine on several cars when keeping the stock heads. IIRC it was a 3/4" cap and I used a hose clamp.
  6. Was it a 3/4" screw on cap it just a rubber cap you put over it? I'm sure either would work huh? I'm pulling that smog crap off as soon as possible.
  7. yup! i used a rubber cap and a hose clamp..
  8. Great way to keep smog stuff when you move to another location. However I think after 25yrs they don't need to be smog legal anyways, ...least in GA they don't.
  9. smog, what's smog? we aint got no smog here. I thought that was only LA LOL
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  10. The air pump's purpose is to supply oxygen to the older-style 2-way cats in order for them to function properly. Modern 3-way cat converters do not need the air pump.

    If you live in a state where you can remove the cats, or have upgraded to modern converters, then you can ditch the smog pump. There are resistor kit diagrams available to turn off the codes that will pop up from it's deletion. however these codes will not trip the light, or affect how the engine operates so it's not critical.

    A lot of guys (myself included) hate running catless for various reasons, so there is still some interest in preserving the air pump in working condition. Some states still require smog testing. I know CA does. (poor guys)
  11. Yeah, what sucks here in Kommiefornia, is the newer hi-flow cats are not allowed even though they blow cleaner. It's strictly a money-making scheme out here.

    In reality, the days of smog checks should be over as very few have heavy polluters. Most people daily drive pretty clean cars now with the strict regulations on the auto manufacturers. The cost/benefit of smog checks is no longer effective. But....the new car and mechanics lobbies keep this monstrosity alive.
  12. I clamped an acorn lug nut into a piece of the smog pump hose and I'm done with it. Not looking to be a show car under the hood anyway. On the other hand, I'm very particular about it running just right. I'm good in that department so far.
  13. Someone has to say it. You are going to tick off the computer and risk running in open loop all the time for NINE pounds of weight? Not worth it for the street to me. My car smells better and runs better the more smog equipment I put back on. Your results may vary, but there are more important things for me to do than mess up what Ford intended. Good luck!
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