Exhaust Smog Pump Removal

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  1. Will deleting the smog pump cause a check engine light to come on? If so is there anything I came do to prevent it?
  2. No. I don't have a smog pump and I have no check engine light.
  3. Thank you. Does your car have a check engine light? And does it work?
  4. Removing the pollution control equipment from a 5.0 Mustang is a bad idea. All you have accomplished is to make the computer mad and spit codes. The pollution control equipment all shuts off at wide open throttle, so the HP losses from it on the car are 2-5 HP. The catalytic converters may soak a few more HP than that. None of the pollution control equipment reduces the HP enough to cost you a race in anything but professional drag strip competition. I seriously doubt that you will be in the final runoff on “Pinks”, so leave the smog equipment in place and make sure it is working correctly.

    Know what does what before removing it. Remove or disable the wrong thing and the computer sets the check engine light and runs in "limp mode". Limp mode means reduced power and fuel economy.

    If you removed the smog pump and still have catalytic converters, they will ultimately clog and fail.

    Here's a book that will get you started with how the Ford electronic engine control or "computer" works.

    Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control 1988-1993 by James Probst :ISBN 0-8376-0301-3.

    It's about $20-$45 from Borders.com see http://www.amazon.com/ . Select books and then select search. Use the ISBN number (without dashes or spaces) to do a search

    Use the ISBN number and your local library can get you a loaner copy for free. Only thing is you are limited to keeping the book for two weeks. It is very good, and I found it to be very helpful.

    Remove any of the equipment and you will not pass a full smog check, cannot title the car in an area that does smog checks and have broken several federal laws. Granted that the Feds are short on people to check cars, but it is still Federal law.
  5. Thank you for your info. Not racing on pinks. Not looking fr horse power gain. I do know how a library works . Was wondering because smog pump bearing failed and am removing cats for more sound because I do not require an emmisions test for vehicle. So why would I spend more money to replace smog pump if not required?
  6. My car came without a smog pump. I wouldn't remove it otherwise.
  7. What's good sauce for the goose is good sauce for the gander. I lived in Florida and had two smog pumps fail on two different 89 5.0 Mustangs. I replaced both of them, even though there was no emissions inspection. Why?
    1.) It a federal law that requires emissions equipment to be in place and functional. I have no intention of breaking a law designed to protect my general health and wellbeing, even if I don't like it. I have respect for the rights and wellbeing of other people, and I am not one of those whose very nature is rebellion.

    2.) Whatever imaginary "improvements" someone may strive for, there is very little evidence that the results of removing emissions results in a better car. I can achieve excellent results in performance with all the smog equipment in place and working properly. Maybe you can't, but that is no excuse for removing the emissions equipment. Look at the new 5.0 Mustangs – 281 cubic inches and 400+ flywheel HP with full emissions equipment with no aftermarket parts. That tells me that it is possible on a mass production car. It also shows that the guys that designed the engine knew what they were doing to achieve that goal.

    3.) I like to breathe clean air, and working emissions equipment helps me do my part to make that possible. Los Angeles has breathable air even with millions of cars. Beijing, the capitol of China has some of the worst air in the world. It has only a small fraction of the number of cars compared to LA.. Why – no emissions requirements for cars.

    I don’t want to live where the air looks like this…
    See http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2014/01/15/2003581312
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  8. I asked a question? Isn't this supposed to be a outlet to get information. You gave your answer and your opinion. I am not a moron but i also am not a certified mechanic like you that's why why I am asking. Thank you for the info don't really care aout your opinion. I know whats right and i know what's wrong. And what pat of not looking for horse power gains do you not understand ?
  9. guess he aint here to make friends either :shrug:
  10. This is a public forum, and there are lots of opinions.

    Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. When you post a problem or question, you open the door and ask other people to poke their noses in your business. Some of the responses will be agreeable and other will not. That's reality. I just have a passion for doing things the right way and not making a mess of them.

    If that comes across as harsh and disagreeable, you are within your right to disagree. It probably won't affect how I speak out when I think that someone is taking the wrong turn. Sometimes it is necessary to get people's attention before they make what I believe is a mistake.

    Like I said, it is a public forum, and there are lots of opinions.

    Joe R.
  11. What year is your car? Early foxes didn't even have a check engine light.

    Yes, codes will be generated if you delete the pump. They will not turn the light on, not will they affect how the car runs.

    If you have no cats, yank it off.

    Btw, you can purchase the bearing in the smog pump for $10 and replace it yourself if you have any mechanical ability and a press. Wasn't hard and cheaper than a new pump. I'd save your parts and CL them or ebay them. Guys are starting to track this stuff down now.
  12. I understand that if you tell me your opinion about the car thats fine but your opinion about breaking federal laws and saving the ozone are not nesessary this is not treehugger.com. do you use aerosols? Or chemical cleaner's? I'm not judging you and I don't think you know me well enough to judge me. I told you in the first reply I wasn't looking for more power but you still responded as if i was.
  13. Thank you for that answer great info without the save the tree speech. I will definitely save it and loOK into the bearing replacement ( didn't know that was an option) just in case the guilt causes sleepless nights.
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  14. if you remove that pump, young children will starve, the stars will crash into earth, and you shall be doomed to drive a Camaro. And, the trees will die
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  15. Nooooo please no I repent for all my evil ways. :riot: Lol
  16. well in that case, you are hereby excused from all earthly harm, but you must sell the Mustang and move in to your Camaro by the strike of midnight, or. meh. fugghetaboutit :leaving:
  17. If you still have your cats then removing your smog pump isn't such a good idea. If you remove your smog pump. might as well remove the thermactor hoses, the TAD and TAB valves, plug off the vacuum hoses and thermactor tube from the heads, and swap on an H pipe. Know that it's a crap shoot after your remove the smog equipment if you have increased exhaust smell and fumes.

    I live in Florida and have removed the smog stuff on every fox body mustang I've owned over the last 25 years. Not recommending it to anyone, just giving my opinion.
  18. That pic ofs @jrichker is stupid smoggy, ...I'd move for sure :eek: