Smoke on start up

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  1. Ok I finished the intake and thermostat. I also put in new plugs. I started it up and it started fine after maybe 15 sec at idle a little smoke started to come out of drivers side back area near the lower intake. I shut it off instantly. I had waited about 15-16 hours for the sealent I didnt see it said wait 12-24 just 12 so could it be that I have screwed it up bad or maybe just some rtv was on the block and thats all? Thanks for any help or advice.

    UPDATE: My dad was the one who saw the smoke and he said it was coming from down below the valve covers so im thinking that when we swapped the plugs and used the (forgot the name, the grease you use for the plug and wires) maybe some of that dripped down and was burning off.
  2. I wouldn't say that you messed it up... But so you feel better, I would wait the full 24 hours. You didn't mention any Idle issue, so I assume all the hoses are on good, but you could check again...

    I would start her up and see if it smokes again, but after the 24 hours, if it does, turn off the car and lightly smell the smoke... oil? or does it smell like burning glue... Try to locate where the smoke is comming from exactly.

    And if you still feel safe, start her up again... The smoke should go away (after awaile), and if it doesn't and the idle starts going wacky, then maybe you no longer have a good seal on the intake.

    Just thoughts... good luck!
  3. What intake?

  4. Tmoss lower and I cant wait to try it out. :D