Smoking after hard driving, then clear??After

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  1. Hey guys, I'm shopping for my first Mustang and I found a 05 GT with a V2 Vortech that I drove today and want to get; but I'm concerned about one potential deal-breaker. When the guy drove up, everything looked great. But when I test drove it (pretty hard) and came back, it started smoking pretty bad out of both pipes after idling for a few minutes.

    Nothing changed as far as idle RPM or tone, but the blue smoke was obvious. We turned it off and let it set for a few minutes to cool and tried it again and no more smoke!??
    Is this typical for a supercharger?

    Vids from today:
    After a hard test ride (don't blame me, he told me to drive it like it was mine!:burnout: )
    After letting it sit and cool down a bit
    Driving off

    Thanks guys for any input...
  2. It could be a couple things:

    1. the seals on the supercharger are starting to go and/or the drain is not set up properly, allowing some oil to escape into the exhaust which you are seeing being burnt off
    2. the PCV system has not been properly modified and you are "boosting the crankcase"
    3. valve stem seal or bottom end damage (block, piston, ring)

    The only definitive answer would be a compression and leakdown test. I know they are labor intensive and can be expensive for those who do not own the tools but if you're buying this type of modified car you should own them anyway and it's the 100% correct way of diagnosing. Without solid indicative numbers, you are simply guessing and what could be a few minute fix or what could mean you pulling the engine and thoustands of dollars - that's a pretty big gamble in my book versus picking up ~$200 worth of tools (brand new, high end) and learning how to use them.

    What boost numbers/power level/who tuned it and with what?
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  3. Move on you can find a better car.
  4. I'm with 95PGTTech,

    Take the car to a reputable shop and have a compression and leak down test performed. If it checks good then press on. Most of these supercharger kits are slapped on with off-the-shelf tunes, and nothing at all done to the PCV system.

    Those are things you can have done if the motor itself checks out.
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies! 95PGTTech, your reply echoed some buddies (w/ some fast boosted stangs) suggestions exactly... The charger system was installed by Ford, but I didn't notice a catch can at all; and under minimal boost, it doesn't smoke at all. I pushed it pretty hard during the test, so we all feel like its most likely related to a CC ventilation issue. I have a compression tester, so I'll check the rings out before I hand over the cash. A leak-down test is another good idea, and on the checklist to do.

    I've built a few nissan motors and pieced together turbo kits for non-boosted engines, so I'm not a complete noob. That being said, I've been out of it for a few years and this is my first experience with mustangs or superchargers (seems kinda similar to turbo at this point), and I know I have a LOT to learn. I appreciate the good advice and will definitely put it to use.

    Thanks again!