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  1. Went to the Dyno today and got bad results following even worse results.
    245 RWHP
    256 RWTQ

    Blue Smoke was pouring out the tailpipes like mad at and above 3500 rpm. Smelled and looked like oil. As soon as I was done the Mechanic said, "You need to take that back to the dealer and have the motor looked at".

    This is weird because I really never noticed the smoke when driving. Sometimes after driving it real hard it will a little. I guess being at a stand still on the dyno just made it very noticeable.

    Are there any engine issues with the 01's? There was another '01 there and he recently had his entire engine replaced under warranty because a rod bearing went bad. By the way, my snake only has 13,000 miles on it.
  2. Yikes! Something is terribly wrong with that motor. :(
    Were those SAE or STD dyno numbers (?) - either way, they are quite low.

    Some advice: If you aren't on a first name basis with your service advisor, you *might* want to re-install the factory H pipe because it's safe to assume that Ford will attempt to refuse to replace/repair the engine because of your exhaust modifications.

    I'm not saying that this WILL happen (and Ford has to prove your mods caused the failure from a legal standpoint anyways; RE: Moss-Magnuson Act), but it might save you a headache or two, know what I mean?
    You can bet that they will look at any possible excuse to get out of replacing or repairing your motor at their expense (it happens all to often on these message boards).

    In any event, goodluck and keep us posted. Let us know what they find out if they tear it down...
  3. My wife's 2001 Cobra's motor was replaced by Ford. It had 35700 miles on it. I had to show everything as far as maintence. Put everything back if possible.I think Ford knows that the heads were bad. That why so many were pinging (That's my opinion) It doesn't ping now and I'm glad there were no mods. Good luck
  4. Yeah, that does seem low numbers! Hope everything works out okay for the best.
  5. Those are SAE #'s
    I'm putting the stock H back on and I'm borrowing the stock air box from a buddy. I know the Senior Technician at an SVT dealer in town so that helps. He was actually at the dyno that day and said to bring it in ASAP. He looked at the computer to see if it had a chip put in by the previous owner. All looked stock. I'll keep everyone posted.