Smoother Riding Fox?

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  1. Not sure how to ask this question, but the jist is I'd like my '92 LX hatch back to ride smoother. I can feel every crack in the road. I like the smooth but controlled feeling in my vehicles. So far as I can tell the suspension is all stock coils struts and sway bars.
    I am currently adding rear control arms with poly bushings and sub frame connectors. And it rides on 17" rims and 245/45 tires.
    Most performance suspension parts I find are for handling upgrades. Am I better off using better quality oem spec parts?
  2. No matter what you do...these cars just ride rough.

    Chassis stiffening, and good quality adjustable struts will go far to tightening the ride, and getting the suspension to articulate properly and absorb bumbs better.

    But these 20+ year old cars just ride rough
  3. yup.... if its lowered and with 17" tires, that wouldnt help things much....i just got used to it...
  4. How old are your suspension parts? If you think your shocks are stock then they could be worn out and need to be replaced. Your rubber bushings for your front control arms and rear axle (upper and lower) could be cracked and need to be replaced as well. Remember, these are old cars and need some TLC.

  5. Go to each corner of your car and see what side bounces up and down the best by pushes down on it. My fronts did not move and were shot, but my rear shocks were good. Put blue struts on front and she's got some give now. Rides 10x better now.
  6. You'd be amazed at how much the ride improves just with new bushings and balljoints in the front. The bushings allow things to jiggle and slam, and the balljoints resist movement. Adds up to a crash/bang ride. Next up: Quality struts and shocks. Subframe connectors help too.
  7. Just my opinion but do not add rear control arms with poly bushings on both ends- you will increase the bind and harshness, and put more stress on your torque boxes. You want a good quality rear lower control arm like MM or Steeda that has a poly bushing on one end and a spherical bearing on the other end. Follow what MFE said as the guy knows his stuff.

    Subframe connectors- full length MM
    Rear control arms- MM
    New ball joints- Steeda or Moog
    Sway bar bushings, spring isolators, trans and engine mounts- poly by prothane
    Be very careful how/if you lower the car with springs as that often results in a barsher ride.
  8. 4 cyl springs and swaybars
  9. Hey thanks for the info guys. I've got the lower torque box reinforcements in. No plans to lower the car at the moment. The shocks and struts aren't original but I wouldn't say they are great. Front control arm bushings and ball joints will go on my to-do list. I'll see how it is after sub-frame connectors are in and rear lowers installed.
    The car is a blast to drive otherwise:)
  10. Buy a Grand Marquis. You'll have all the smooth riding you want. Put a blower on it all call it a day. You'll never get a sports muscle car to ride smooth as you want
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  11. Yep, I'm in the same boat. Mine rides so dang rough most people don't want to get in with me again.

    But, I'm almost sure all the suspension stuff on it is original, never been replaced. So, that's a huge issue there. Going to remedy that as soon as I get this clutch squared away. It's ending up costing me the farm. :fuss:
  12. fixed. you also want to stiffen up the chassis as much as possible with sub frame connectors, jacking rail, and extreme matrix brace. this will allow the suspension to work much better since it isnt trying to twist the car into a pretzel. i would also use rubber bushings at all suspension points, urethane is much to hard for ride quality. in the end however, the best advice was to go out and buy a grand marquis and drop a blower on it. them boat ride super nice, and you can make them handle fairly well without hurting the ride quality.
  13. It's funny you mention the grand marquis, before I bought the mustang I was looking at ex-police cars. Some nice cars for good prices. They would be a fun four door to cruise around in...
    My other vehicles are modified jeeps and trucks and it amazes me that they ride smoother then my mustang. But again 22 year old muscle car designed to handle. I live in Calgary and our long winters are hard on roads...:(
  14. chances are that your trucks and jeeps had long travel suspensions installed, which means of course they are going to ride better, even with stiffer springs, because of the extra suspension travel. also note that, except for the CJ5-7, your jeeps and trucks had longer wheel bases than you fox does, which again allows for a better ride quality.