SN 95 Brakes on a classic?

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  1. Has anyone done a brake conversion from a SN 95 mustang to, lets say a 67? If so how did it go? Was it worth it?
  2. i saw one somewhere i will keep my eyes open and send the link your way when i find it.
  3. I started to do that, but decided to go with 99-04 calipers in the front. First, the brake hoses hit the UCA. Second, the pistons are 63mm vs 66mm for Granada. I'm also working on a 95 8.8 in the rear. I am using the 67 soft line and making new lines that run across the rear end. I have the 95 MC in the car now, but it may be a little big at 1 1/16 for manual brakes. I am parting a 95, so I had this stuff laying around.
  4. If you're talking about SN-95 rear discs, I offer conversion brackets for both versions; V6/GT 10½" solid rotor design or the 11.65" ventilated rotor Cobra design.



    I've started working on an adapter bracket to adapt 13" Cobra rotors and PBR calipers to a Granada spindle.



    ("G2C" stands for Granada-to-Cobra conversion).
  5. Ultrastang, have you tried GT/V6 cages with Cobra calipers? The upper bolt look challenging. It might be easier with bolt hole 1" futher out. Do GT/V6 calipers use different pad backing plates? If not GT/V6 caliper/cages could be used with Cobra pads if it would make for an easier/stronger bracket. I've never had two to compare.
  6. The 99+ GT calipers would be much easier to adapt the Granada spindles than the Cobra calipers are going to be.

    The 99+ caliper mounting bracket bolt holes are much closer to the caliper's centerline. The Cobra caliper's bracket bolt holes are on ears that extend downward away from the caliper, and are going to make it very challenging to get an adapter bracket to place the caliper between the existing lower mounting boss on the spindle's steering arm and the upright of the spindle.

    I've only really seen the GT calipers in photos and briefly looking at them through the wheels of wrecking yard Mustangs. However, I'm not sure that the pads or caliper brackets (cages) would interchange between the 99+ GT calipers and the Cobra calipers. The GT calipers have a more pronounced arch to the caliper's shape as compared to the Cobra's (not positive), but I don't THINK they would swap between the two.
  7. Ultrastang,
    on a related question, can you run 99+ GT calipers on Cobra rotors or 2005 rotors?
  8. This depends on what rotor you plan to use. The V6/GT and Cobra all use the same spindle on SN95. Meaning, all three calipers mount in the exact same spot. The individual stock factory caliper bracket is what spaces the caliper further away from the hub centerline between V6/GT or Cobra. Maybe that's what you said above, I'm not sure.

    What I'm saying is that the V6, GT or Cobra caliper will bolt to the Granada spindle using the same fabricated piece. I've had 2001 GT calipers on my '65 with Granada spindles since Feb of 2002 without any issues at all. The Cobra caliper bolts right on as well, but doesn't line up with the Granada rotor in diameter.

    If you're planning to continue to use the Granada rotor, I don't see the benefit of using the Cobra caliper when compared to the aluminum twin piston '99+ GT.

    Cobra caliper would only be necessary if larger diameter rotors would be used.
  9. Cobra - Only if the fabricated brackets make up the difference in rotor diameter.

    2005 - Guessing you meant GT. Depends on how you adapt them to the spindle. These are hat rotors. The Granada ones being discussed above have the hubs built into the rotor.
  10. hsr,
    I have two sets of 99+GT calipers, a set of 13" cobra rotors, and 3 sets of 05 GT rotors. I know the 05 rotors are 12.4" dia. and thicker than the Cobra's I have. I was going th design brackets to run those calipers on both types of rotors but I'm concerned about the caliper fitting the thicker rotors. Do you know the thickness of stock 99+ Gt/V6 rotors?

  11. The rotors I'm using with the Cobra calipers are the 13" Cobra rotors.
  12. I'm currently at work and not in my shop, but best I can remember, the factory mounting bracket for the Cobra caliper has 5-1/8" hole centers on the bracket's mounting bosses. Is this the same mounting hole distance on the 99+ GT factory caliper brackets too?
  13. Nice looking brackets Ultrastang. I had measured out everything to make these brackets myself, but your price is pretty sweet. Time is the resource I have the least of these days, so I think I'll be ordering your brackets in a couple of months. :nice:

  14. Yes, they're the same 130.2mm or 5.126".

    The '05 on up V6/GT and Cobra spindle is 150mm or 5.905".

    I'm measuring the original released data in CAD.
  15. '94 - 04 V6/GT rotors are 26.0mm thick
    '94 - 04 Cobra rotors are 28.05mm thick
    '05 -> V6, GT rotors are 30.0mm thick
    '07 -> Shelby rotors are 32.0mm thick
  16. Sorry, I missed that. Would have help me to look at the pictures you posted.
  17. Sweet! I was hoping you would find the time to do this for those of us w/Granada spindles!

    How much do you think these will cost? Are you going to offer a package w/these for the brackets, rotors, and calipers?
  18. hsr, do you have a copy of that cad file you might be willing to share;)???????
  19. At the moment, I'm only in the design stage in trying to adapt the calipers to the spindles.

    I don't know at this time what material the adapter brackets will be made of (steel or aluminum). Aluminum is nice looking an light, but it takes a lot more mass to equal the strength of steel.

    If I get it sorted out, I would probably just offer the adapter brackets and bolts (like I do with the rear disc bracket conversion brackets), and let the purchaser supply their own rotors, calipers, etc.

    From preliminary observations, it looks like I may be able to retain the Granadas factory splash shield.:)
  20. Tweet,

    I sent a PM to you and Ultra.