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  1. @[USERGROUP=77]SN Certified Technician[/USERGROUP]

    Hey guys,

    I've modified your user groups so that you can change your own thread titles. To do this:

    Look for small drop down on the upper right hand portion of the thread (not the post). It will say THREAD TOOLS.

    The rest should be self-explanatory but ask your questions here if it isn't.

    Any feedback you have about whether this is a good or bad thing to be able to do, please post those here as well.

    If this appears to not create any problems, then I'm considering pitching to MRaburn that we allow this ability for all Official Members.

    I don't foresee problems but doesn't mean there won't be any. hehe

    Please leave a short reply to indicate that you saw this thread.

  2. Sweet. Now I can change the lowercase 'rs' in my build thread title. That has been bugging the heck outta me.
  3. You will need to put spaces between successive capital letters. The server is set to adjust all titles to match the following format:

    This is My Thread Title

    So if you have something like:

    LMR 90% off sale

    It will be adjusted to:

    Lmr 90% Off Sale

    To avoid this, you'd make it:

    L M R 90% Off Sale
  4. damn, a 90% sale? :trollface:

  5. I'd like to order that coyote crate motor now. What's the code?
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  6. @[email protected]

    I know the one. It's called "The Aluminator"?

    Make that two! :nice:
  7. All these Techs are probably going to want in on this too! :D

    Place your orders fellas.
  8. Just saw this ,I like it :nice: Now i can fixes me screw up:doh:
  9. @[USERGROUP=77]SN Certified Technician[/USERGROUP]

    Heya... A thought occurred to me. You guys let me know if you're able to REVERT a forum title after it has been changed.

    Also, let me know if threads that have been changed, offer you any kind of title history when edited a second time.
  10. I edited a title ,no problems .Didn't notice title history ,but i really wasn't watching that close. That is about all i have tried to do .