Sn89 paxton procharger HELP

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  1. Never owned a supercharger but i have the chance to pick up one with buying a car deal 93 notch for 5000 or with procharger for 5500. Am i better off passing up the deal.
  2. Sn89 is far to old school for me. I'm not sure they are even serviceable any more. If you like the car that's one thing, but I would pass on the blower.
  3. Thanks yeah i think its not worth it im new to tne whole boost stuff so i heard procharger and my head went a lil crazy.
  4. Yes they still service the blower just sen tmy Wifes paxton SN93 out to paradise wheels in CA to have it upgraded and rebuilt..there a good blower..once upgraded...
  5. Good reliable blower....not very capable though.