Engine Sn95 4.6 Turbo Or 5.0 Tfs Top End

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by rowekmr, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I am looking to get back into a Mustang and found one local 95 5.0 with the TFS top end kit incl stage II cam, roller rockers and double rolling timing chain plus, Pro M MAF and someone's TB and 30 lb injectors, full length headers, and cat back. The owner is hard to catch up with so I am not getting a lot of info besides he bought it not running with 42# injectors and replaced those with 30#'s and uses it as his daily driver now. I would like the rumble of the cam but not sure how that cam affects the driveability and efficiency on the highway (mpg's)

    The other is a 96 with a PI swap engine out of a Crown Vic with 55K and an ON# turbo pushing 5# of boost that needs to be tuned. I am leaning on the turbo because I feel it will sound great (under boost), and being a stock block I don't have to worry who did what to it, worst case scenario replace the long block. It has a upper plenum, MSD components, tubular K frame and A arms, coil overs, caster/camber plate, and Cobra brakes all around and 3.55 rear.

    I want to be in the low 13's on the street and high 12's at the track and have decent economy when just driving it if I can.
  2. Turbo car for sure. Crank it on up to 8ish pounds of boost before you tune it, and that's a decent 400 rwhp car that will run 11s at the track. Sounds like it already has a nice suspension and brake setup as well. Plus, that setup with 3.55s will easily knock down low-mid 20s on the highway. My cammed 4.6 with a supercharger and stock gears (and auto trans with slightly more gear in overdrive than a 5-speed) will still knock down 24-25 if I treat it right.

    I'm a little biased towards a 4.6 anyway, but honestly, this is a no-brainer.
  3. if the 95 had the TF topend on top of a forged 347 stroker w/ boss block i would lean in that direction instead. but in this case, i think your better off with the turbo car.
  4. I vote for the turbo car as well. I plan on getting that same turbo kit.