sn95 5 lug conversion from daves?

Jul 10, 2011
did a google search and cames across a post about some guy ordering a complete sn95 converion kit for $795 from but that site doesnt exist anymore. does anybody know if he has a different site or know of a site that sells complete sn95 kits? dont feel like going the junkyard route but if i cant find one ill have too
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Apr 26, 2010
There is a site set up on the web where I guy created his own how to on installing this kit. I ran accross the site four or five years ago. I have tried several times to find this guy's business on the internet searches and using the yellow pages. I've had no luck. Seems as if he has gone out of business.
Yeah I don't know of any SN 95 kits to do the install. I always look locally for the major parts, front and rear parts and then just order the under the hood stuff from like latemodelrestoration.

You can also look on eBay to find the things you need.

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