SN95 6-disk in a fox?

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  1. WHat can I do with this bad boy? It's a Mach 460, but i don't have the amps and other parts.

    I guess my first question is can this unit be wired as a standalone head unit? :shrug:


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  2. does it work?
    my wifes 01 has one just like that and the cd player is jambed, from what i can tell its a common problem. you should give it to me and ill save you that headache.:D
  3. Yes. It works. CDs stick sometimes though, but I want it for the am/fm. I don't even own CDs anymore. Mp3s!!!
  4. You need the amps for it to work.
  5. I had also had the thought of using a late model mustang deck in a fox, anyone have any suggestions??

  6. No way to workaround that? :shrug:

    I wonder if the non-Mach units would require Amps. The irony is I paid $10 for this thinking it was just a 6-disk ford radio....then I find out it's a Mach 460. :nonono:
  7. If I were you I'd throw it in the trash or post it on ebay. That is hands down the most annoying head unit of all time. Only load it with 6 CDs you never want to see again.

  8. Like I said...I no longer own CDs :shrug:

    I want it for the radio. And to be honest, I like the Mach setup. Had it in my 03gt and found it more than adequate for my needs. It was a much better system than the damned Bose crap setup in my Infiniti :nonono:

    I don't even listen to the radio in my fox. The exhaust note is what I listen to so I don't want to spend $$$ on an aftermarket setup. Its either try this, or put the oem radio and cardboard speakers back in. :rolleyes:
  9. ok, i am probably the the only authority here to make this work as i have it in my 93. I have one of these decks that i disected to find where Visteon installed the crossover to cut low frequency's to the internal amps power ouput. So far I can't locate it, and to say that Visteon is stingy with the component schematics is a gross understatement.

    So the answer is no. you have to have an amp to power the midbass/lowend. BUT you dont need to use a ford amp to do this. I have a 6disc deck like mine in the wife's 90 fox in the stock location, wired into a cheap coustic 25wX4 amp and it sounds great.

    Here is the diagram that I used to make my pigtail harness for the amp.

    I have a 1" tweeter in the dash, a 6.5" Midbass driver in the doors, and a set of 6.5" coaxials in the rear deck on a 1/4" baffle board. front tweeters are running off of the deck and the rest off of the small amp.
  10. Do you have some pics of the deck installed in your wife's car? Does it look stock??
  11. Interesting.

    I already have a 4-channel amp handy, so i could do this. All i need to do if cut myself some radio harness plugs for the head unit out of a junkyard car so I can splice into it.

    Any pics of final product? Was also trying to figure out how I would mount the unit in the radio hole. I think Metra does have a DD kit now as well
  12. interested in seeing this also!

  13. The only way I would want to do this mod is if it would have a good fit and finish after installed.
  14. Seems like it would be more worth your time to just install a decent aftermarket head unit. Unless you want to be different? :shrug:
  15. I'm doing it to do something different. I kinda like incorporating some subtle SN95 touches in a car.

    I personally don't like aftermarket radios much. They look cheap to me..even if it's a $2K navi DD unit. I'll prob never even use the thing since the 300 miles or so i drive a year...the radio is off.

    I just think it would be cool to have a working mach 460 in a fox, just for the look alone. So yeah, aftermarket would be easier, but my goals are different here
  16. I have yet to see a classy looking aftermarket unit. They all look ricey and attempt to look "space age" which IMHO, looks terribly out of place in a Fox.

    I switched back to an OEM tape deck in my Fox. Sounds like crap but it works and doesn't look like I stole it out of a teenager's Civic.
  17. +1 my thoughts exactly.
  18. I get wanting the stock look but I have never come across a stock radio that sounded good...which I suppose is not your concern here but just seems like wasted effort IMO. I would be curious to see a picture of how that unit looks in a fox. Also, you can find plenty of aftermarket radios that look clean and aren't all flashy on the cheap and the sound quality is far and beyond what stock junk can produce.
  19. That does look pretty stock.

    But at this point, i just want to see if i can make what I have work. I have the head unit, i have a 4-channel amp, i have wiring and RCA's. I even have 6 speakers i can use in my fox. This is very low cost.

    The only thing i need is to go grab some wiring pigtails for the back of the 460 so i can splice wiring to. Considering there's 2 feet of snow outside, i have no idea when ill head to a junkyard to snip some out.

    I guess i can order the double din Metra kit and see how this would even look first.