SN95(94-98) to 99up front end???Can it be done?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SidewaysSnake, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hey gang,
    After some unsightly drift damage a few weeks ago its got me thinking....Can a 94-98 mustang be retro'd to fit a 99+ front end I.E. 03-04 Cobra?
    If you guys know how I'll be the GUINEA PIG! Hit me with some news gang...
  2. not without some fab work. the nose wont match up to the hood/fenders of your car, and the fenders wont match up to the doors. none of the lines are the same. even if you did have some kind of success making it go on, it would look really bad
  3. Dang...not what I wanted to hear.
    Thanks though:nonono:
  4. Anything can be done with enough time,patience,skill and money....
  5. wow that sn95 with the 03-04 front end looks gay as hell fronts soo wide and the rest of the car is skinny looks dumb but i do l ike the hood
  6. i like the way it looks it looks very nice to me in this photo

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  7. that looks so good!
  8. I want to do this swap on my 94. what all needs to happen for it to be done? besides buying new edge head lights, bumper, and Hood.
  9. I forbid you from putting terminator front ends on your beat up old GTs.
  10. How was this done?