SN95 American Eagle Alloy 077 Wheels

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by Alex96stang, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi I have 4 american eagle alloys series 077 wheels for sale or trader
    3 are in good condition some have a very light curve rash on them and one has a bad crack

    if any of you need a set for spares let me know
    would trade them for a set of stock 15 or 16 inch wheels whit fair tires

    pics upon request
  2. Have 4 stock rims in black, also have 4 in silver! Very interested in trade! I will post pics later today. Could you post some pics please?
  3. were are you located?

    are the wheels 15" or 16" do they have tires on them

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  4. more

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  5. i have them on my car and take a look at the last picture. There is a crak in one of the five spokes
  6. i'm hn the san diego area way south of the san francisko bay area like 500 miles away

  7. Do you still have those eagle alloy 077 wheels? And are you interested in sale only one rim? I have 3 of them and I need only one...
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