SN95 Balancer same as 87-93

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  1. Can I use an 87-93 harmonic balancer on my car WITHOUT modding anything? Are they the same part? Thanks. :)
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  3. Yes I have a balancer from a 93 on my car and it works fine.
  4. They are both 50 oz if that's what you are asking.

    You may need a spacer and there are some issues with the waterpump lower bolt (needs to be clearanced) with some balancers that weren't specifically made for our 94/95 cars.

    PS I tried a Fluiddamper style balancer on my car and I couldn't get it to fit at all. (it worked great on the earlier cars tho)

    Now I have a beautiful, made for our cars, balancer from ROMAC.

  5. I dont think so. i had a 93 high performance dampner and i could not get it to clear with the water pump and stuff. it did not go in all the way.
  6. I have a balancer from a 93 on mine with no problems
  7. The guys who have a 93 and earlier balancer need to state what kind they are using.

    I know for a fact that a lot of aftermarket balancers don't work on our cars without some work. Some don't fit no matter what you do except change out all the accessories to the earlier models including the water pump housing.

  8. I am running a factory style balancer from a 93. It is not an aftermarket so I do not know if they will work or not. This one came from the ford dealer and was about 30.00 cheaper than the 94-95 one listed for.
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    Thanks for the info. I learn something new every day.

  10. Mine is a stock balancer off of a 93 as well. Not an aftermarket for a 93:cheers:
  11. yes,the 93 balacer will fit the the SN95.