Sn95 Chopper

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  1. I was underneath my car today, shaking, wiggling, tapping things around trying to figure out why my car is making this tapping/knocking sound. Upon acceleration, my car sounds like a helicopter! Ive tighten up the headers and the midpipe and even laid down next to it while ran, to try to find an exhaust leak but i found nothing......again. It feels like its coming from the drive shaft but the end links look fine and there isnt any play in the shaft itself, when i tried shaking it around a bit. The car has a 1.5 inch drop (i guess, i bought it this way) and its really starting to annoy me, especially since my idle is starting to hang again.......
    Thoughts? Suggestions? i recorded the sound but i dont know how to post an audio file.
  2. Is this only while the car is in motion, or sitting at idle too?

    You say "tapping/knocking sound" but then mention helicopter.
    when I think helicopter, I think air wooshing.

    Is it just a sound, or can you feel a tap or knock when its occurring?
  3. I'm really at a loss without more info. I know the e-brake cable likes to come lose and taps on the driveshaft.

  4. lets see if this works
    this is from inside the car. this clip is kinda worthless, since it sound like exhaust. Its coming from the passenger side and it 0nly happens when in motion. I can feel it and hear it. The previous owner did a fox top swap and deleted the egr and smog. Im running no cats, 70mm TB, #24injectors with matching maf. TF heads and thats about it.
  5. If the sound is like a rotational scrapping, check out the e brake cable bracket like Kurt said.
    Its attached to the underside of the car; above the driveshaft.

    If its scraping, you'll see the marks on the drive shaft.
  6. E brake cable looks fine and nothing is touching the drive shaft.
  7. Where do you feel it?
    In the steering wheel, shifter or the entire body?
  8. I feel it coming from the floor and a slight vibration in the shifter. It stops when I lay off the gas. Its probably all in my head but I feel like it goes away when I'm going down hill...
  9. My uneducated guess was driveshaft yoke, because that's where it feels like its coming from
  10. Well, it doesn't knock as loud anymore after I straightened out my plug wires. The 5&6 were tangled up. There was a knocking before the spark knock so that still exists. I got a little fed up with the knock last night while I was driving so I floored it on an open toll road. I lold when I exited and came to a red light. Sounds like I have a vacuum problem now since the car sounds like its breathing and the rpm's fluctuate. I kinda wish something would break so I can stop wondering what is wrong with this car!
  11. I'm still hearing this flapping sound from the passenger side and this is only during acceleration. It doesn't make the noise when I'm in neural. If it were an exhaust leak, I could hear it at idle,right?
  12. You'd hear it at idle, maybe not so loud.

    With the car in neutral/park, pop the hood and rev the engine by hand.

    If you dont hear it, it's not an exhaust leak.
  13. I did that once. I'll try it again tomorrow though, when everyone else is awake. I was thinking it was the bumper or some plastic shaking about but it stops when I'm coasting? I'm going to take the pass wheel off and disassemble the brakes and caliper. I'm noticing more brake dust on that side.
  14. Might as well check the wheel bearing/hub while you're there.
  15. Good idea.
  16. pulled the wheel off and noticed this on the passenger side control arm. Could this be the cause of my sound?
    front side
    back side