SN95 Color Pic Request.

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  1. I think after this year providing I do everything I want to get done I'll be pretty much done mod wise on the car and would like to turn my attention to other things like fixing some of the dents/scrapes that are on the car and I was thinking of a color change since this is my third Red Mustang and I dont want something of the norm. Ive always liked the orange colors but Ive seen a few copper Shelby Cobra's and they were very nice! So does anyone have any pics of any Copper SN95's? I think that color w/ satin rims would look very good!

  2. I love that color SlammedGT. Have a color code on that, I want to add that to my list of things to do this next summer.

  3. Looks like his elbow is outside the window :lol:

    Oink from on here did his new edge with a house of kolors orange. It had a silver basecoat. Looked amazing.
  4. Here's Oinks car. Pretty amazing looking. It's actually a fairly new candy from Duponts Hot Hues line, called Molten Candy Orange, 3 coats of each and thats what you come up with..



  5. would be interesting to see that vette out in the sunlight to compare. Looks pretty damn close
  6. I thought so too. PS that vette is disgusting. Those cars can be made to look SOOOOOOO good. :hail2::nice:
  7. I love oinks stang. That color just pops so well out in the light.

    P.S. I live this vet.
  8. oinks car looks great and that Z06 is beautiful!
  9. Buddy of mine has a 96 cobra that is painted a Mazda shade that is also kind of like that. Color is blazing copper...bought off a local board member several years ago. Tried to find some pics but they have all been removed/no longer active but you can google the color.
  10. wow that blazing copper is really nice too. If you add a lot of pearl to a paint job does it give it that deep wet look?
  11. [​IMG]

    I know it's not a Ford, but can't we all just get along?

    2007 Chevy Colorado Z71 Sunburst Orange. Kinda looks like cpper to me so...
  12. Pearl is in most cases added after the color and what it does is exactly what it sounds adds a pearl like sheen to the color, a lot of ghost images/stripes are achieved by using pearl. The clear is what makes it look "wet". The combo of correct base/primer, number of color coats, and clear is what gives a paint the depth and wet look.