Sn95 Gt Rear end in ‘91 Fox 5.0


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Jul 6, 2022
Howdy, I still have the stock rear end in my ‘91 5.0 and I’m looking to 5 lug swap it. I have seen other threads touch on the topic but I want to ask the detailed questions about swapping the Gt Sn95 rear end to the fox body.

Will everything screw into the frame when doing the swap?

What brake lines and brake system (stock brake booster or hydroboost) should I run?

Also, will the brake system make me have to swap the front end out of an sn95? Or do I swap the stock 4 lug spindle to a 5 lug spindle (along with rotors) and call it a day?

Does the stock shaft connect directly to a 94-98 Gt rear end ?

Once the swap is done, am I limited in suspension options ? As in, do I have to use fox specific suspension or sn95 suspension dimensions; will the sn95 suspension connect directly to mounting points?

I saw in another thread that the rear end swap comes along with “moving it negatively in order to fit the tires under the car.” I’m not sure that that means. Also, not looking to weld anything in case that comes up.

I know it’s been quite a mouthful but help, tips, experience is appreciated!
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Feb 18, 2001
If you swap in a 94-98 GT rear end, it’s a direct bolt-in with a few minor things to address.

The disk brakes add 0.75” to each side. There are bracket kits and axles out there that will correct this and allow for running stock fox offset.

Depending on the year, the brake lines run differently. 94-95 are on the axle, 96+ is body mounted if the car has ABS. There are kits to mount the brake lines like the fox, using 94-95 soft line brackets.

Do not use a 99+ sN95 rear axle as the housing itself is wider.

All the calipers on every 94-04 setup are the same 38mm units, so what mc and booster you run all depends on what front brakes you have. No need to go hydroboost.
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