Expired Sn95 Gt/v6 Front Bumper, Fender, Side Skirt, Spoiler, Glass, Mirrors, Etc.

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Sep 12, 2011
Richmond-Metro, VA, USA
I can be reached multiple ways. I will get an instant email notification on my phone if you reply to this thread or PM me. You can also TXT or call me @ (8oh4) 5one3-5one5oh.

All parts from 1994 Mustangs but will fit cars through 1998 and sometimes through 2004. Used to part out SN95s a while back and have a bunch of odds and ends left over. House is on the market so cleaning out the garage. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MAKE AN OFFER ON ANYTHING.

All parts are located in Eastern Henrico County, a suburb of Richmond, Virginia.

All parts function 100%.

Prices DO NOT include shipping. PM or email me with your zip code and what you are interested in for a shipping quote. Everything being shipped from 23231.

I typically use USPS for shipping. Will use others if buyer requests it.

I accepet PayPal and will take cash if meeting in person. Other forms of payments may be accepted on a case by case basis.

***If you don't see what you need now check back again soon. Steadily going through what I have and will be updating listings appropriately.

***Also have other listings with exterior, interior, electronics, accessories, and some engine parts from these same vehicles.


1994-1998 Ford OEM Front Bumper (V6/GT style). Black. Needs to be painted. Structurally perfect. No torn mounting holes. Ford OEM header panel still installed. No gouges or deep scratches into Urethane. Would be perfect after coat of paint. $50

1994-1998 Driver's Side Fender. Black. Will need paint and 3-4 very small dings knocked out. Sructurally sound and perfect shape; will bolt right onto car. Has Tri-Bar Pony logo. $35

1994-1998 Driver's Side Side Skirt. Teal. Structurally perfect. Paint scratched on bottom side and rear corner from bottoming out; shouldn't show once mounted on car. $35

1994+ Ford OEM Three Pedestal Rear Spoiler. Black. Not the typical two pedestal on nearly every V6 and GT. More aggressive look. Scratches. Needs paint. No third brake light so no need for wiring. Ford Genuine Add On Accessory at the time. One pictures shows the spoiler sat on the trunk of an Acura Integra to give you an idea of what it looks like mounted. $35

1994-1998 Aftermarket front corner marker lens. SOLD

1994-1998 Front Car Bra Cover. Simulated black leather. LeBra brand. Covers entire front bumper and front 3-4" of hood. Mounting straps in good shape. No broken mounting hooks. No rips or tears in either piece. Won't interfere with foglights. Has soft mesh grille covering lower, center grille opening. $50

1994-1998 Aftermarket Black Vinyl 3rd Brake Light Cover. NEW. MUSTANG logo and Running Horse emblem. $5

1994+ Ford OEM Passenger Side Door Glass. Near mint condition. No chips or scratches. $35 (SHIPPING INSURANCE REQUIRED)

1994+ Ford OEM Rear Quater Windows. One Driver, One Passenger. Carlite brand. No chips, knicks, or scrathes. Trim pieces in good shape. $20 each, $30 for the pair. (SHIPPING INSURANCE REQUIRED)

1994-1998 Ford OEM Side View Mirrors. Two of each (2 driver's side, 2 passenger side). $15 each, $25 for a pair.

1994-1998 Ford OEM Passenger Side Exterior Door Handle. Teal. Scratches on paint finish, but structurally sound. Return spring still nice and stiff; works flawlessly. Includes latch release rod. $5

1994-1998 Ford OEM Passenger Side Skirt Front Extension Piece. Black. This is the piece that ties the bottom of the right front fender to the front of the right side skirt. Scrathes and knicks on forward and bottom sides as is expected due to road derbis. Portion that is visible on car nearly flawless. $5

1994-1998 Ford OEM Side Scoops. Teal. Some scratches and knicks. Both inside grilles fully intact. Driver's side missing rubber seal on extension. Passenger side mounting tabs for black extension broken but will fit fine once installed on car. $10 each, $15 for pair.

1994+ Ford OEM Fuel Door. Teal. Paint nearly flawless. Tension in return spring perfect; won't flop open. $10


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