Sn95 Irs Polished Exhaust Photoshoot

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  1. I waited all year to find the time to be able to complete this detailing task. I did the IRS Swap on my SN95 earlier this year. The IRS is complete 03/04 Cobra Spec. The exhaust is Magnaflow catback for 03/04 Cobra. I wanted to get the mirror finish. I followed the SVTP guide for the polished exhaust. Took me about a week woking 4 hours every day. The results were impressive. Totally changed the look of my car and I am so glad I spend the time to do it.

    The steps were

    3M Automotive Sandpaper
    -120 Grit Flap Wheel on Drill
    -100 Grit
    -320 Grit
    -400 Grit
    -600 Grit
    -1000 Grit
    -1500 Grit
    -2000 Grit

    -Mothers Metal Polish w/ Cotton Buffing Wheel on Drill
    -Chemical Guys Vintage Heavy Metal Polish w/ White Hexlogic Pad on Porter Cable 7424XP
    -Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax w/ White Hexlogic Pad on Porter Cable 7424XP
    -Chemical Guys JetSeal 109 *2 coats by hand*






  2. Those are the pipes of an angel. I can't even make eye contact with your pictures right now. Your pipes are like a combination of steel and Jesus.

    In all seriousness, your car with those pipes makes me want to go kick my car. That takes detailing to a whole new level. Super clean.
  3. Shiny
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  4. I am a detailer. I did this on the side as my winter project. I feel it was well worth my time to get the look i want. Its called dedication.

    And the IRS Magnaflow catback actually sits higher in the chassis than my bassani SRA exhaust did.
  5. well its your call of course

    I do not get it but the pipes are shiny no debating that
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  6. Then move on to the next thread. :shrug:

    OP... Whole care looks awesome. I may give my Bassanis that work over. :nice:
  7. Damn dude; professional says it all, car shows in the future!?
  8. IDK if the car is a "Show Car". I drive the car ALOT. I need i drive it. I will be taking it to a few later this year.

    The car is gonna get a service this weekend. Oil changes for the engine and supercharger
  9. Wow, I love it!!! If you don't have a house, or a job, and decided to invest your money in sand paper...... Thats perfect!!! What else would you do with your time and money??!! I'd give you my pipes to polish but that sounds kind of gehy! Keep up the good work!
  10. Shiny indeed.
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  11. looks like to take pride in your car, so congrats, looks sweet
  12. winter project in SoCal? I didn't think you got a winter there lol

    Looks amazing!!
  13. Thanks for the compliments guys!! This really changed the look of my car for the best!!
  14. Just out of curiosity, do you have pics of the pipes before the polish?
  15. Here you go. Here is a before pic when i first swapped the IRS. The second pic is a before and after when I finished 1 pipe.


  16. Talk about a polished a$s! She sure is clean!