Sn95 Rear Axle Swap Questions

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  1. I just gotta wait til Monday to reply. Typing on phone on the weekend blows
  2. The 2300-M kit comes with the anti-moans.

    You get the:
    axle brackets
    dust shields

    You'd just need 94-98 Axles, and calipers.

    There is a difference between the cobra calipers, and GT/V6 calipers. The pads are thinner, but the bracket that supports the pads has a wider slot to clear the cobra rotor and has an extra brace. You can find these separate (i did..but forget where i got them from) or you can modify the GT/V6 bracket.


    As for the front, if you already have SN95 brakes, you can upgrade to Cobra stuff pretty easy. ALl you need are rotors, the cobra calipers with pads, and brake lines. There are kits, but they are expensive. However used stuff is pretty reasonable.

    Which MC to use depends on what you ultimately end up running out front. In the rear, they are all the same caliper no influence there as to GT or cobra rear brakes
  3. well i may as well do cobra calipers and rotors up front then. so basically with what i have id need this 2300m kit, rear cobra calipers and pads and hoses and sn95 axles then for the front id just need cobra calipers, rotors, pads and then brake booster and mc. right?
  4. Front brake lines too. The ones for the 94-98 single piston GT caliper won't physically fit the cobra caliper up front.
  5. thats okay i can get all braided lines then because im going to need lines anyways for the rear

    so in order to figure what mc i need id need to know if i got the 38s or 40 mil cobra front calipers up front right? and the easiest booster to do is the 93 cobra

    and id need parking brake cables right
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  6. Yup.

    38mm cobra calipers, go with the 94-95 Cobra 15/16" MC
    40mm cobra calipers, go with the 1993 cobra 1" MC (which is an easier install, but you still need a 3-2 kit for this)

    Here;s how you tell the difference.

    Ribbed pistons on the left...94-98 38mm caliper
    flat bores on the right....99+ 40mm caliper


    There are also two different banjo bolt pitches. Coarse and fine. Don't worry so much about this until you have calipers in hand.

    And for the e-brake, you'll need the cables i listed on the other page. What to do with them is in the M-2300-K instructions i linked.
  7. and a 93 cobra booster is the easiest to fit to the firewall right
  8. Yes. Not by much, but the studs are in the right spot. The SN95 booster has 1 stud offset slightly so you'd need to slot.
  9. The 93 Cobra Booster is a bit of a pain but not too bad to install, I just took my time with it and did not get frustrated.
  10. the 94-98 v6 mustang axle shafts are different from those in an 8.8 correct?
  11. The axle shafts are the same. Ford used the same shafts in the V6 and V8's. Only 1 part
  12. great. it will be much easier to find axle shafts at the junkyard in a v6.

    the 2300m kit works with v6 rear calipers and all? if i wanted to not do cobra stuff for now how does that change my list? or would it be easier to just piece together the rear end if i did 94-98 v6 rear calipers and all that on my axle
  13. You would have to modify the rear brackets. The V6/GT rear calipers do not clear the Cobra rotors in the M-2300-M kit without modification.

    Here's the bracket in question. The V6/Gt version is on the left. The rusty areas are where you would need to widen the channel.

    And here's why. The channel needs to be widened to clear the thicker rear cobra rotor.


    I stole the pics from this thread
  14. If it were me id just grab the whole brake setup off whatever donor you find, calipers, brackets, rotors, lines etc. Resurface the rotors if theyre still thick enough and put some new pads in, and go. Much cheaper than the kits and you gotta grab some of the stuff from the yard anyway, plus I bet youll hardly ever notice the difference between the v6/gt stuff and the cobra unless youre into some serious competitive road racing.
  15. so all the stuff on the 94-98 v6's are the same? i dont need 94-95 stuff. and i get axles calipers, brackets, rotors, hoses, antimoans, dust shields what else
  16. all the 94-04 gt/v6 rear stuff is the same, yes. the axle tubes and axles are longer on the 99-04 cars, but the mount points for the brakes are the same relative to each other. where you want specific 94/95 stuff is just the front spindles, and the booster/cylinder if you want to go that way.

    as far as a parts list for the rear:
    94-98 axles (axle shafts are the same between v6 and gt)
    94-04 calipers and rotors
    caliper brackets
    anit-moans (not NEEDED, but nice to have)
    soft lines from calipers to axle
    if you can swing it, hardlines from axle end to where the chassis softline is. i forget exactly where you need the adapter for the fox-to-sn conversion here, its either at the chassis end or at the caliper softline end.
    parking brake cables you'll have to get aftermarket and do some tack welding on the handle (i THINK these cables are '93 cobra stuff, at least the one from the handle before it y's off is)
    on the other end you'll need a proportioning valve with a gut job on the stocker, as well as a 3-2 port conversion for the cylinder (aftermarket for this, can build you own on the latter, mm has one pre-made but its kinda $$ for what you get)
  17. Soft lines out back are the only difference.

    94-95 had them mounted to the axle, while in 1996 ford wend with body mounted lines.

    Other than that, all 94-04 rear GT and V6 brakes are the same except for the axles and the brake lines. You want 94-98 axles and 94-95 brake lines
  18. Can I use the rear calipers from my '95 GT with the caliper brackets on my '03 IRS I'm swapping in?
  19. Quick question since we are on topic here.. I have 04 cobra front brakes and 95 gt rear brakes.. Will a svo master, booster and prop valve work for me or will I need a different master? I have all this already so would be nice if I didn't have to buy something different.. Its going in an 85 Gt.
  20. Yes. Same caliper. You just might need to get new pads as cobra rotors are thicker. If your GT pads are worn, they may work.