SN95 Rear end bolt up on fox body???

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  1. hey guys, will the complete rear end assembly bolt up in a fox body. What gear ratios were available in the 94-95 GT cars??
  2. Yes they will bolt right up. When I first converted to 5-lugs I swapped in a rear-end from a 94 GT, but later switched to one out of a 98 Cobra, partially due to the fact that the 94 GT rear was not perfectly straight. The 94+ rear ends are a couple of inches longer than the fox ones. Both rear axles had stock 3.27:1 gear ratios. Hope that answers your questions. :nice:
  3. what do you mean not sraight? was it damage from a wreck or the way it mounted?? what kinda of snags did you run into as far as adapters, park brake cables n such?? I have a 91 with 3:08 gears, I am going to 5 lug anyways so i figured if i could get a complete rear end with the right gears i could save some cash.
  4. hi,
    i had a question about this as well,where i live its pretty hard to find a gt in the bone yard's,so i was wondering what other option's i might have in rearends that would work for my 88 gt,i would like to have disk and a "373" "342" somewhere in there if at all possible,and would also prefer a 8.8 so i could buy the mini spoll to have full posi,thanks for your answer,and i didnt mean to get anyone off the subject at hand,just thought i would throw my question in since its around about the same topic,thanks again.

    p.s. as well what problems would i be looking at with e barke cables,and whatnot,i have to run full brake lines anyway,so that not any problem,thanks again.
  5. suspension points bolt up 94-98.

    Brake lines are different sizes and you need different E brake cables. Also you have to address the MC/PV
  6. Yeah, the first rear axle out of the 94GT was damaged goods, did not find out until it was installed and my rear tires were wearing extremely fast. I had the rear axle checked and it was toed in about 1" on each side. Luckily the scrap yard took it back and gave my money back. I found the 98 Cobra rear at another salvage yard for $450, but the would not sell any of the brake parts with it. So I purchased through ford all new parts. The cobra rear calipers are the same as the GT's. I purchased GT calipers because they had a lower list price, cobra mounting brackets, cobra rear rotors, brakes lines, and the parking brake kit for the M-2300-K 5-lug cobra brake conversion. When you purchase calipers new from ford they come will pads. The ones that come with the GT are different than the cobra ones, due to the fact that the GT uses a solid rotor versus the cobra using a vented rotor. I replace the pads with rear cobra Hawk HP+ pads.

    Besides the rear axle swap fiasco, the only other issue I had was with the parking brake cables. They started to rub on the driveshaft, so I had to get some mounting brackets to secure them to the floorboard. The 5-lug conversion is a lot of work, but is well worth it when all is said and done. I saved about $500 just by buying the front spindles, hubs, and rear disc axle from a salvage yard. The M-2300-K is a big chunk of change come up with, but there are many ways you can piece that kit together and save money. I was also lucking to have a brother working at a local Ford dealership (employee discount) and a friendly tech willing to do all the work on the side. :nice:
  7. If your going to stay with the 4-lug you can swap rear brakes off an 87/88 turbo coupe. If your going to 5-lugs you can use the axles out of ranger to save you some money. You can get away with cheap used parts, along as their not excessively worn. It just sucks to replace things twice when it could have been done right the first time, had you spent more $. Good luck!
  8. Not really that simple. If you purchase axles that are not the correct length for the brake parts, it dont work!
  9. I never said it was a simple task! That is why I choose to swap rear ends and save some hassle of tearing apart and rebuilding the stock one. Depending on what axles you use, some are different lengths and will need to be shortened to fit the housing. Sometimes it is just better to buy a complete kit!
  10. I have evrythhing to complete the front to five lug via SN95 parts, I just for some reason feel like rear disk on a fox body would be kick a$$. The fox body brakes are a joke! Sounds like a nice winter garage project!
  11. It is definetly nice to have that reassurance ,when you hit the brake pedal, the car will stop safely even at high speeds.