SN95 Rear End fit in fox?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Numbles, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I have a chance to buy a rear end out of a 95 gt with brakes and lines. 3.27 gear.

    I know the rears on the sn95's are a little wider than that of the fox bodies. But can it fit. Does it physically bolt up. And how will the backspacing be. My weld draglites sit about an inch or so inside the fender.

    Reason being, Im going turbo. and 5 lug. and my 3.73's arn't the greatest for my combo. So this rear end being 3.27's 5lug with disc brakes is hard to pass up for the price if it will fit.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. complete bolt in, no mods needed (except e-brakes)

    I did it over the winter with the same rear
  3. Glad to hear. Thanks for the quick resp
    onse. And nice fox. I never liked those wheels on the modulars but they look great on your car.

  4. Thanks! To be honest, I was just going to use these as temps. They have grown on me and the response I get from others is the same as yours was. :D

    PS- Don't cut the brake hose to the body when the 95 rear is removed from the car! It is a direct bolt in down the brake line and banjo bolt! Just get the entire assembly complete for a direct swap.
  5. Those wheels look awesome on your car.
  6. hmm, maybe I will go this route too. Did those rears come with disc brake in the rear too? If so, did you have to run a different MC, booster prop valve etc.??
  7. You're gonna def. need a new MC and prop. valve
  8. Will I be able to get by with the stock MC and prop valve for now.
  9. I know this if you were talking to me, I was just asking about the disc brakes, sorry to steal thread. But I wasnt sure if these rear ends all had disc in the rear. Anyone?
  10. All 94+ mustangs have rear disks. Even the V6's.

  11. Im doing the swap because of the brakes 5lug and the 3.27 gears. Saves me alot getting all three compared to what I have now. And its only $200.
  12. I did this in my 90 a few years back. Here's what I remember.

    The back spacing is different. I did not check it myself but was told to use the 95 wheels. It seems to be working for me as I have 17x9 wheels and 275 tires. I did have to bend up the outer fender a little but have had no rubbing. The down side is that I cannot rotate the front tires to the rear, so tire rotations involve removing the tires from the wheels. Can't say I do that very often though (in other words never).

    For the master cylinder, I pulled the proportioning spring for the rear brakes from the distribution block and installed it in my 90 block. This worked very well and was the simplest solution I could find.

    The e-brake I have yet to find a solution for. I did use brake cable from an SN-95, but I am still having trouble getting enough tension. There are fixes on this site, but they involve welding, a skill I do not yet possess.

    The rear itself bolts in nicely. All mounting points are the same, and the control arms are not different. When I installed mine I also installed a new dif cover and new limited slip with 31 spline axles.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more Q's.
  13. The 94-98 axle housing is exactly the same as the fox cars, its the axles themselves that are slightly wider, but they help fill out the fenderwells nicely. You need brake cable from ford motorsports for your 90, M2809A and M2810A if I remember correct.
  14. Will these brake cables cure the tension problem??
  15. yea Im doing this swap this weekend....whats the deal with the parking brake?