SN95 Rear End fit in fox?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Numbles, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. do you think a normal parts store would carry those cables? And how much are they?
    thanks chief
  2. :bang: weekend = no shipping.
  3. Would you happen to know where these welding fixes are? I have access to all the welding machines I need.
  4. I used the FMS cables as they came in my M2300K kit, but the weldind involved was just on the handbrake itself. I took the time to upgrade to a nice leather handbrake from a 98 Cobra since I was going to have it out and have to weld it anyways. It looks much better than the factory one!
  5. I used an SN95 e-brake handle and it works great, no welding required.

  6. you only needed the handle or what? Im heading to a stang jyard in a few days, if I could grab what I need then thatd be great.
  7. I also used the SN95 handbrake (98 Cobra) but it is EXACTLY the same as the Fox handbrake minus the leather, so the M2300K mods are still needed!
  8. Even though it is SO obvious that they are the same handbrake, I checked with the Brake Guru Matt, and he told me what I already knew and that was the SN95 Handbrake needed modded.
  9. comon guys what kinda mods are we talking about here?
  10. read the first link I posted. Those are step by step instructions for the hand brake mod
  11. I glad you guys touched up on the e-brake handle. The previous owner of my car cut the cable. So know I know what needs to be done to fix it.
  12. I got mine from I only needed the right and left side cables. I did not need the middle cable on my 86, but maybe 87-93 cars are different? I am not sure.

    FMS M2809A ebrake cables for 87-92 car (2) - or 93 Cobra cables for 1993 cars (2) F3ZZ-2A635-A

    I did not need this one and wound up selling it on Ebay.
    FMS M2810A center ebrake cable (1)
  13. I dunno what you guys are talking about, but I compared my e-brake handles next to each other after I pulled the stocker out, and the SN95 was definitely different. It works great and I haven't had any problems with it. :shrug:

  14. How does your SN95 differ, does the center cable have force applied from the spring on the handbrake? You might not think your having any problems with it, but Ford says the spring will cause the rears to drag slightly, so all you are doing is hurting performance on your car and are going to wear your rear pads early. Its up to you, you can make the simple mods Ford tells you to, or turn a blind eye to it and say everything is working fine! Also since the handbrake you found was different, what did you modify on it for you to be able to bolt it in your car?
  15. ok I understand now what to do at the handle, but what changes need to be made at the rear end?
  16. No changes to the rear end.
  17. I started looking through Mustang catalogs last night and handbrakes are listed as 87 - 98 as the same part #, so you must have got something from a 99 and up Mustang and I dont know how those differ from the 87 - 98.
  18. great. Hopefully Ill get up to this point today, so if I have any q's Ill let you guys know.
  19. Should bolt right up, same as the Fox Housing!