SN95 Rear End fit in fox?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Numbles, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. All of the heavy stuff bolted up, but have to do some definate modding of the brakelines; they connect at different spots. Also, im a little confused here and I know Im getting annoying here, but how did everyone else connect their old e-brake cables to the rear discs? (95 cobra rear).
    Thanks alot
  2. Well. Just got the sn95 rear end. The brake line that goes from the distribution block on the axle to the body is ripped. Anyone know where to get a new one like that.
  3. parts store
  4. Here's some pics of it. Still deciding on getting braided lines, Will be easy to install them because I am having the calipers powder coated.

    I also looked on and they only have the center line that was broken. Do the ones for each caliper not matter enough to change.

  5. thats got the exact same brake setup as mine (i figured it would). Ill see what I do with mine and let you know.
    btw I like how they took the driveshaft off.
  6. Was taken out of a totaled car. The rear end came with half of the control arms/quads/and part of a 95gt tri spoke wheel. Someone had a plasma cutter.
  7. hah. Its hard to avoid cutting random stuff with a plasma cutter, theyre so much fun. That is until you need to buy stuff for then :nonono: .
    Anywho, how are you gonna mod the lines?
    I think im just gonna buy a length of line, and duplicate whats already on the car, but move that little junction piece down to where it was on the old rear. And yeah, I gotta buy a new silicone hose also.
  8. this isnt tires hit my fenders with 245s on mach 1s...what the hell? is my car special?
  9. Im not going to modify the lines I dont think. Unless clearence issues force me too. In which case Im going to slightly bend everything to work. Its $89 for stainless lines for the entire car. So thats where Ill get the new center line that was cut. They dont sell stainless lines for each rear brake.
  10. We covered the handbrake cable issue already, you need the M2809A and M2810A FMS cables and then do the simple mod to your handbrake. Glad to hear all is going well so far.
  11. oh so theres no way around buying those? Ok I guess Ill have to spend some more cash (get it done right the first time). Where the best place to buy these suckers? Would a normal parts store carry them or probly not?

  12. You sure that's a '95 Cobra rear end???

    From the pictures it looks like those are GT rear brakes...making it a '95 GT rear end. Makes sense if it came with part of a 17" tri-bar wheel which came on '95 GT's
  13. I think his was a gt, mine was a cobra.
  14. Oh ok, my fault. I confused some posts and thought your pics were of his Cobra rear
  15. Definately not a cobra rear. I dont think the extra brake ability in the rear helps any. Considering I drag race only. The 03 cobra brakes Ill have in the front will do plenty.

    Quick question. Anyone know the difference between the brakes lines for a fox chassie and a sn95 one. I sold my buddie my 03 brakes with braided lines when I totaled my 95. But he hasn't paid for them yet. Will those braided lines work with the fox hard lines? If so Ill just take those back and that will one more thing checked off my list.
  16. Any place that sells FMS Parts should be able to get those 3 cable right out to you.
  17. nice....Ill give my neighbor a call ( he works at a ford dealership). Otherwise Ill hit up the parts store. thanks
  18. Yeah I dont need the braking in the back either, its just that this cobra rear is what was available at the time, and it didnt cost any extra.
  19. As long as the Ford Dealership he works at carries Ford Racing Parts you will be ok.
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