SN95 Rear End fit in fox?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Numbles, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I can't remember what the difference was, but there was a dif. if I remember right. Maybe it was the bolts or mounting blocks?

    Hopefully the bump will be more helpfull than my memory.
  2. ttt. anyone have an answer to my last question
  3. call Maximum Motorsports to get the correct ones. They can at least tell you which ones will work.
  4. From your Pics, it looks like you just need the center flex line on the diff.
  5. One final question. For the brake booster and master cylender. Can I just use a master cylender from a 93 cobra or do I need to get the booster from a 94+ car.
  6. If I were you I would get the 93 Cobra Booster as the studs have the same pattern as the fox and the same thread pitch so the stock nuts will fit. You can get a rebuilt Cobra Booster for a resonable price, as a matter of fact they come rebuilt in the M2300K kit now. As for the M/C you can choose from several different ones , but you are going to NEED a 3-2 kit and you will HAVE to gut your stock prop valve and put a brass plug in it and then add an adjustable prop valve. Look to Maximum Motorsports for a good 3-2 Kit.
  7. ok with the master cylinders, I have one from a 95 cobra (the same car I got the rear from). The brake booster is a hell of alot bigger. Do I need to use the same booster or only the mc and prop valve?

    edit - I just ordered the cables. They were a few more dollars each from summit, but the free shipping nearly made up for it, and I had to buy a few things from summit anyhow.
  8. I used a 95 booster in my 90. It is a pain is the [email protected]# to fit because it is so much bigger. In my opinion though it was worth every drop of sweat. The feel and is much improved over the stock booster.

    For proportioning to the rear all I did was remove the spring for the rear brakes from the distribution block of a 95 GT, and installed the spring in the distribution block in my 90. I've had no issues with premature lock up in the rear and control seems good.

    hope this helps.
  9. SN95 Cobra M/Cs have the brake line threads switched from the GTs so that the wrong M/C could not be installed going down the assembly line. Stick with 93 Cobra or newer GTs for the M/C. And yes the Brake Booster is a monster and a PITA to install!
  10. Do you happen to know the sizes of the fittings? Because I have to tools to change the fittings so I can just switch fittings.
  11. You are much better off with a 93 Cobra M/C, or 94-98 GT M/C than trying to modify the Cobra one you have now. The few dollars you spend will make up for all the frustration.
  12. oh ****..please tell me that you only need one of each cable.
  13. Yes, one of each. Did you get the center cable too, FMS-2810-A?

  14. like an idiot, I got the center cable and one of the long cables. Oh well summit ships fast....and Im not in a huge rush. I got all of my brake lines pretty well worked out. I just need to go and get a few more fittings tomorow and Ill be set.

    Oh yea and instead of buying that tool to rotate the rear calipers in to change pads I just made one out of a cracked 1/2" drive socket.
  15. For those who have done a 94+ BB and mastercyl... install. Would it not be too difficult to make your own lines rather than having the maximum motorsports 3-2 kit. Im going to be smoothing the inner fenders in the winter and While I have the car taken apart for the turbo build Id like to hid all of the lines.
  16. I think your in the same boat as I am, on the fox mc there's 3 brake lines going in, and on the new on theres only two right? Two of them go to the front brakes, so I figured out which two they are and Im just gonna put a T in the line and call it a day.
  17. For those who said you have to get the 94+ brake booster and master cylender. I have I question.

    The garage I rent has been bought out and I need to get the car out. Can I get by with the stock brake booster for about 35 miles to the parents garage. Theye're nice enought to let me finish my project there.
  18. You should be able to but your pedal will probably feel like stepping on a brick.
  19. I kept my stock booster, and planned on jamming the big cobra one in while my engine was out. I drove around on the stock booster for a while and it felt fine.