SN95 Shocks on a '90

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  1. Hi. My friend is changing his suspension and has a set of Bilstein Shocks off his '00 GT. I was wondering if these would work on '90. Any input is appreciated.
  2. They won't bolt to the spindle right unless you get 11" 5.0 brakes. The 2.3 10" brakes have a larger strut mount, so the struts won't bolt up.
    Also, keep in mind that the strut housing is 1" longer on the SN-95 cars, so you will have 1" less suspension travel. Bottoming out the strut will damage it, however i am running a stock 99+ strut and I have not had problems. Just don't plan on lowering the car. :nice:
  3. since it is bilstein I believe it has an internal bump stop
  4. The shocks should bolt into the back no problem, I had SN95 shocks on my car and they were great. Bilsteins are realy good you'll like them. If you get them cheap from your buddy it'd probably be worth doing the break/spindle swap in the front because it will make it handle alot better. You'll need to get stiffer springs to.
  5. Ive already converted to 87-93 5.0 front brakes. I do plan on lowering the car though so maybe Ill pass on them. Thanks for the help.
  6. Converting the 2.3L to a 5.0 brakes

    About how much did it cost to convert your brakes minus the alignment? :shrug:

    I'm looking to do this and I just want the basic shocks off a 90'-93' type 5.0.

  7. just depends on how cheap you can get the stuff for...I sold a complete 5.0 spindle assembly (rotors, bearings, calipers, lines, etc) everything needed to bolt on except for struts to ispy malik on here for 60
  8. remember you don't realy have to lower the car to make it handle better. some good varible rate H7R spriings and Bilsteins will make that sucker handle good
  9. I did the 5.0 brake swap for cheap. I got the stuff (Hubs, rotors, calipers, shocks etc) for $25 at the local junkyard. A friend works there so he hooked me up. I bought new lines, pads and had the rotors turned which wasnt too much. I know it isnt neccessary to lower the car to attain good handling, but I want to lower my car about an 1" - 1.5", nothing extreme, but handle well. Someone recommended C springs so I aws gonna go with them.
  10. Hey thanks. :nice:

    That swap is on the drawing board so to say, some where close to the turbo swap once I figure all the details on the turbo set up for my car.