SN95 smog bypass

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  1. I recently installed o/r xpipe and pypes violators on my 95 gt 5.0. I plugged the smog control tube that ran to the old cats. now I am getting a low roaring noise coming from the smog pump that increases with rpm. can I get a shorter belt and just bypass it without any damage?..thanks for any help
  2. yes you can. Id just rip everything out it makes it easyer to get to spark plugs and just looks way cleaner.
  3. Great....that was the answer I was wanting..I bet it does look cleaner without all that clutter.. thanks....anyone else done this as well?
  4. Oh btw, do I have to block off anything when I take it off??
  5. Yes there are 2 smog holes in the back of the heads they make plugs for them on latemodel restro. you will feel them when you rip everything out.
  6. cool thanks for the info
  7. hey i have a bypass on all that stuff with no problems. easy project and deffinitly looks better
  8. OK then ..looks like Im going to get block offs then...Any Idea the size belt I need?
  9. hmm type 94 gt 5.0 belt routing into google and there will be some pics somewhere wish i would have saved the place i found mine at.
  10. Thanks.. found it
  11. Here ya go. As the original author, here's the one from my site:

  12. Sweet man thanks:nice:
  13. Yeah Thanks!!!
  14. You dont need to get the plugs. What I did was break the ceramic off and old set of stock plugs and use that to plug the hole. Works perfectly.
  15. Here is my question, what happens when you have to smog again, I just bought my 94 about a month ago and have been buyin all the stuff you want to pull off, when does smoging our stangs NOT need to be done?
  16. Depends on the state. Here in MA, pre-1996 cars do not need to be smogged.

    Regardless, I still have the smog equipment on my 88.
  17. I'm in California....anyones know?
  18. You will have to smog your car indefinitely. CA smog test exemptions are only valid on 1975 and older vehicles.
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