SN95 throttlebody upgrade=wow

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  1. Well today I decided to finally do my sn95 upgrade, I've been trying to make this work out and look like it is meant to be there, which means no adapter plate, no adapter plug on tps or modifying the 2.3 tps to work on this(which I originally test fitted a junk one a while back and did not like the fitment at all) I used the sn95 iac and tps. What do you guys think?
    The first thing I did was go to the local pick yard and find the proper pigtail for the sn95 tps and a junk tps off an older 2.3. Next I soldered and shrink wrapped the wiring and rewrapped it for the factory look, after that was done I went ahead and made a diagram of the bolt hole locations on the factory upper. Then drilled them out on the sn95 throttle body and filled the gaps on the back with epoxy since one of the holes ends up into the gap and I was paranoid of possible boost leaks. I also took this time to cut the opening in the upper to match the intake with a die grinder and trimmed my gaskets. While at the salvage yard I also grabbed a spare throttle cable bracket to modify. I went ahead and smoothed out the top of the throttle body to look like the 2.3 throttle body by removing the tower that doesnt seem to do anything, I went a little overboard and mildly polished it though. After said and done it bolted up and everything plugged in as if it came from the factory that way. I did all this for around $45 with parts from a local salvage yard, the most expensive piece being the transition hose that I ended up ordering from forced4 for $32...
    This is one of those things I wish I would have done earlier, it fixed my random surging idle issues and gave me back alot of the driveability that was lost from the cam and intake install. Definately a high recommendation for anyone willing to do it, to just do it!

  2. looks good, hows the throttle response now?
  3. I've actually had mixed feelings on my SN95 TB ever since I did it, just because of the fact that it makes the throttle so touchy.
  4. It is alot touchier. I liked it mainly due to the fact that the car is now alot easier to drive with my Boport 1.9. Before the upgrade it took a lot more finess in stop and go driving and I dont have the crazy idle surge anymore.
  5. Is this TB the same for the 3.8s and 5.0s?
  6. I am not sure about the 3.8's but I dont think it is, this is a 60mm throttle body off a 93 thunderbird 5.0, and is the same unit (besides the linkage) as the 94-95 5.0 mustangs.