SN95 tire size advice

Cody Roger

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Apr 26, 2020
Ok so I know this is a frequently asked question, I’ve read quite a few threads but can’t seem to find a solid answer. My problem is I have a stock 2000 gt sitting on replica bullet 18x10 wheels on all 4 corners. The current tire on them is 265 35 r18. I’ve always found the side wall a little small but do like the width. They are wore now and I’m looking to replace them.
The car came this way, and since the rims are not staggered it seems there isn’t a great size that is slightly taller, same width, that won’t rub on the front and won’t be too wide that they track the steering.
I was thinking the 275 35s or 255 40s? I don’t know?!


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Jun 17, 2018
I have a 2K GT convertible with 18x9s on all four corners. I have 275/40s on the rear and 255/40s on the front. I still have stock springs. The fronts just touch the inner rear of the fenderwell at full lock. The steering tracks occasionally due to road conditions. Hope this helps.