sn95 to fox coupe swap

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  1. i have an 87 notch project, rolling chassis (no motor, no trans). i also have a 95 GT 60k, wrecked (given to me). i want swap all the stuff from the 95 to the 87. the real question is, to make it easy, i just wanted put the 95 on my lift and drop the whole front suspension out including Kmember and transfer it over to my 87. the rear end also. so then i would have a full 5 lug car. thoughts, suggestions?
  2. I've never done a swap like this, but some things that come to mind:

    Yes, you can swap all the suspension, and five lug four wheel disc will be awsome. I think you should try to source a wiring harness for a foxbody maf car, because I know the sn95 cars use a different computer and I'm not sure how the wiring harness will plug and play. the intake elbow on the sn95 car may not work with the fox setup. Other than that, I think the swap would be fairly straight forward. You will need to rob the brake booster and master cylinder from the sn95 car as well.
  3. that what i thought, did not know about swapping brake booster though... good info thanx!! :nice:
  4. You also will have to gut the stock proportioning valve, get a 3-2 line conversion, and install an adjustable proportioning valve under the hood. The SN95 booster will be a tight fit and you will have to elongate at least one of the holes in the firewall to be able to get it in.

    This link might help you out. I've done a couple of swaps with SN95 brakes.

    79-93 Mustang 5 Lug Conversion(SN95 disc brake conversion))
  5. thank you, very informative
  6. i'm going to use different axles to bring back the stock length of the fox axle, i heard there was a swap bracket i have to use in order to retain the sn95 rear disc setup?? who makes those??
  7. Everything should swap over. Also use the wiring harness from the 95 also. Kmember should bolt up. You may need to oblong a hole in it though. It may be easiest to support the kmember and trans and lift the car off of it. This way you can roll it out of the way and drop the fox on top of it. You retain just about everthing and save a ton of time.