Sn95 Upholstery Glued Or Not?

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  1. I have a 95 convertible that I am bringing back to life and I would like to re-upholster the existing seat but I was told that the covers are glued to the foam and that it was not a possibility.

    I was also told that ANY seats from 94-04 (with a few small mods) would fit.

    If the seat covers are glued, is purchasing 03 Cobra seats a good option?

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  2. Couldn't tell you if SN95 seats are glued. However 03 Cobra seats would be a great option just tend to be pricey.
  3. You can recover them yourself, TMI sells what you need.
    Any 94-04 seat will work you can also use s197 seats.
    03-04 cobras can also be used but are getting pricey
  4. Thanks everyone for chiming in, especially w/ the links above!

    The seats breakdown like this.
    94-04 ALL front buckets are the same - meaning you could take the frames from a 94-98 and build an 03-04 Cobra/Bullitt/Mach 1 by just purchasing new foams and upholstery.
    However, the 94-98 rear seat is very problematic - you are correct - for these years only Ford glued the foam to the upholstery - so you have to actually SKIN the rear seat and reuse the foam underneath.
    Bad news / Good News - the 94-98 rear seat foam will not accept the the 03-04 Cobra upholstery, they are different shapes. The good news? I'm working on a pattern to fix that. Should be ready in just a few weeks. I'll be sure to update the forum when it's ready.
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  5. Thank you guys very much for your input.
    Waylon, you sold me. I'm going to purchase your product and I look forward to being able to resurrect the rear seats when your company has the product available.
    Thanks again
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  6. Additionally, will I be able to install the foam and covers myself? I'm handy with the car but have never worked with upholstery before? Or , is this something that should be left for an upholstery shop to do?
  7. That is a question you can only answer yourself - my suggestion is to always attempt it yourself, there are TONS of step by step walk throughs on line that show you exactly what to do as well as quite a few threads on forums that do the same. If you end up not happy with the final results - you can always take it to a shop then to have it 'cleaned up'.