Electrical SN95 vert 3.8L rebuild, no spark, stumped!


New Member
May 11, 2019
My wife and I bought a '95 vert with a 3.8l engine. The engine had a bad knock so I took on the project car. Rebuilt the engine and now have it installed. We never saw the engine really run, we sprayed starter fluid in to the engine to hear the knock. Now that we have it back in the car, I can not get it started. There is no spark at the plugs. It does not have a PATS, I did replace the plugs, wires, coil,camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor as part of the rebuild. I tested the Ignition module and it checked out okay. We swapped the Computer with a used one from a salvage yard with the same results. (We now have a new computer on the way.) While I was messing around with it and checking voltages at the coil, I noticed that the power lead to the coil goes hot when the key turns on (good thing) but so do the three yellow signal wires as well. Is this supposed to happen or do I have a short? The key assembly is sloppy and well worn, but I hear the fuel pump turn on and the check engine light goes off when the engine cranks. What am I missing here?
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