1. For a street strip car wich would be the best option? Which has cheaper aftermarket parts? Which is faster stock
  2. The Fox better fits those requirements...hands down on all accounts.

    The SN95 is a stiffer, more rigid body style, with slightly better front end suspension geometry and considerably better brakes.

    ...but for the sake of argument, they're also heavier, slower in stock trim and aftermarket parts are generally more expensive.
  3. SN95 Cobras have great brakes, and providing you're willing to upgrade the rotating assembly, they're just a turbo or supercharger away from making big power.

    That said, anything 2V 4.6 is utter garbage. Yea, there are a few guys out there who have made power with them, but they have the lack of displacement problem inherent with the Ford mod motor AND a completely anemic top end. The worst of both worlds, so to speak.

    Foxes, on the other hand, have a HUGE aftermarket, are cheap to upgrade, and there are swap parts available to put pretty much any mainstream V8 in them.
  4. pick up a cheap fox, and a coyote 5.0 from one of the thousands of wrecked new GT's and have the best of both worlds
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  5. Your response kind of made me chuckle. All of this would carry so much more weight if it weren't for the fact that the only top end more anemic than the 4.6L is the stock 5.0L OHV.....yet OHV guys are perfectly OK with that? :scratch:

    I also perplexes me when I hear OHV diehards having no issue what so ever dropping thousands on an aftermarket top end for a 5.0L OHV for the sake of making power, yet scoff at the though when a mod motor is concerned. :shrug:

    I've owned both and been on both sides of the argument and can say both platforms have their benefits and drawbacks. Cost comparisons can be the same for both depending on the level of performance one wishes to attain.
  6. It's more of a personal preference thing. I would go with the SN if you want to keep one in good shape. If you really like the appearance of the Fox, then I think it will be close in price, but the SN will be cheaper. You have to factor in the age of the car. When a car is 20 years old, things start to fall apart. The build quality on the SN was substantially better, and you are more likely to find one that hasn't started to fall apart. Stuff like door panels, rocker panels, seats, window seals etc are going to start falling apart on cars this old. Those things are legitimately higher quality on the SN. So many of the replacement parts are now made in China that it is becoming very hard to get a Fox back to it's original quality. I just have a friend spend over $2k at LRS on little things like door seals and rear quarter glass for a Fox. It was all made in China, and it all leaks. Meanwhile I have an SN with all original parts and it's all still in good shape.

    If you really aren't too concerned with the appearance, and you just want something to beat on the track, then the Fox will run you about the same price. You're still going to be shy on the brakes vs the SN though. It really depends on what you are going to do with it.

  7. I actually meant to touch on that in my post- The SBF stuff generally also had anemic top ends, but allows for much more displacement. That's why I said "worst of both worlds", because I was getting after the fact that the 2V was anemic like the SBF AND small, being a mod motor. I agree, SBF stuff was always heavily choked down from the factory.
  8. I can say after building both 5.0 based and 4.6 based engines I would never do another mod motor. I spent a small fortune building a 495rwhp 98 4.6 about 10 years ago with a very limited amount of aftermarket support. I can honestly say that my 1,500+hp 438 cost only slightly more to build than that 4.6 did 10 years ago! I'm sold on pushrods till I die :cool:
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  9. It is not debatable the SN95 platform is better than the Fox body- brakes, stiffness, handling, interior, technology. However, I personally think the SN95's look like glorified Toyota's and performance wise were sleds. I've owned about every model Mustang except for 74-77 and 94-99, with 3 foxes so I'm somewhat biased. . I bought my 90 1 year ago with 44k miles bone stock and that was going to be my DD. One year later, it is sitting in the garage after an explorer top end, exhaust, other bolt ons, now gears... and I am looking for another DD. Just don't kid yourself. You will want to mod the car, that is half the fun of owning them. If that is the case, IMO the fox is a much better starting point for affordable, available upgrade parts.

    However, if both cars were stock and it was to remain a stock DD, the SN95 is going to give a much better level of comfort and quality
  10. Only 1500 horse??
  11. Once I'm done fixing the car and get the motor back in i'll have the chance to do some more dyno testing with the Xb110 and should be able to make that to the rear wheels!! ( It met concrete wall from 148mph...woops) But seriously that 4.6 I did was so dang expensive for the power it made. I'm sure it's cheaper now that parts are more readily available but still, I'll never build another one!
  12. Yeah that's what I was fixing to ask, hasn't the 4.6 aftermarket taken off in the last 10 years? But anyway I think this guy is asking about the 4.95 oh I mean the 5 liter sn95 and I will have to say it depends on how deep your pockets are. If you want mod the car and budget is a concern I would go w the newest you could afford for w the older car you'll be blowing that budget on repairs vs go fast parts. I concur w Kurt
  13. To answer the OP's question more directly, Fox for a street/strip car IMHO!
  14. Try it to take this the wrong way, but if you can't build a 500hp modular for considerably less than a 1,500hp OHV, you're doing something seriously wrong.

    And with 10-years for the OHC aftermarket to flourish, I'd say the comparison is kinda apples and potatoes, wouldn't you?
  15. Not taken the wrong way at all, but at the time when we got the first set of ported heads from dss and comp was the only one making a cam for this motor we were doing something putting down almost 500 rwhp with a 2v. I think the expense of being on the leading edge of that stuff at the time seriously left a sour taste in my mouth for the 4.6 family. It is kind of a moot point comparing 10 years ago to today, sorry for my rant o_O
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  16. It is a "moot" point for future reference.

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  17. Thanks Dad ;) I made the edit:oops:
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  18. HA! Well played sir. I noticed his moot point earlier but didn't have the energy to correct em
  19. I would love to have a SN95 Cobra someday, but otherwise it's a Fox for me all day everyday. I'm biased and not ashamed to admit it.
  20. Foxes are better in every conceivable way. More displacement, more power, better technology, better looking, pick up more girls, sound awesome, are more "classic." SN95s lose every time... Especially if you like them as much as Brian. ;)