1. I think they're all utter hunks of trash. I'm gonna go out and buy a Focus!
  2. Hahah yes!
  3. Actually, I think I will buy a focus when I come back to the states. I've come to love my '97 318i here in Germany. Got it for $1,750 bucks, and have only spent about $130 in maintenance on it. There are 20 of 'em in every junkyard, and I think the closest thing to it in America would be a Focus, or a Camry. Focus would be my preference, I think.
  4. Except that the 3 series is RWD and can actually handle...
  5. Spot on, Nik. I'm kinda disappointed in the selection back in the states. There's not really a great lightweight, 4-door, RWD platform. In the end though, I'm really just looking for a beater that is reliable, fuel efficient, and one that I can find a lot of parts in a bone-yard for years to come.

  6. better technology? do explain
  7. I am very experienced with BMWs E30 platform. If you want to hate yourself and your life, buy one.

  8. I don't think I'd call the focus reliable.
  9. You can never go wrong with a Fox Coupe
  10. It's different in Germany, though I have the E36. They're a dime a dozen here, and so are all of the junkyard parts.

    No! It's obvious ;)
  11. My business partner and I had an E30 dialed in for the track. Is was fast as hell. Unfortunately he wrecked it. Those things are a real pain to work on, and not very well engineered at all.


  12. I'd drive the wheels off of this one....while beating up on Fox bodies all day long and pulling down 30mpg+ to boot.


    I'd want mine in black though.
  13. We just bought a Fusion, which comes with that new trick Ford differential in the front. You can't even tell it's front wheel drive. It handles so well it actually oversteers. Rear wheel drive is really starting to lose it's edge in the market.

  14. Odd. The little bitty motor in my '97 seems easy to work on. The 6cyl M3 looks like a completely different story, though. Everything else on the car looks pretty straightforward, too. I wonder if something changed.

    Kickass car! Unfortunately, it's not 10+ years old. I'm also not sure if the body and parts share enough with a normal focus to be common. I would love that car, but I don't think it quite fits the bill. It's also nearly equivalent in my mind to a car that I obsessed over for a while, but ultimately decided to stick with the economical 318. Here's the non-US version of the E36 M3. It makes 77hp more than the US joke of an M3. This car is probably not losing any value anymore. I might still pick one up some day if I find a good deal. It won't get the mileage or have the ease of maintenance that my 4cyl 3 series, though.

    Euro M3 (3.2)
    PRODUCTION: 62,062 (1995-99)
    ENGINE: DOHC 24-valve I-6
    CODE NAME: S50B32
    DISPLACEMENT: 3201 cc
    POWER: 317 hp @ 7400 rpm
    TORQUE: 258 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm
    REDLINE: 7600 rpm
    TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual
    0-62 MPH: 5.5 sec
    TOP SPEED: 155 mph

    Read more: http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/1101_the_bmw_m3s_we_never_got/viewall.html#ixzz2ccSDGFdm
  15. It does turns and carries groceries better than a Fox. Otherwise it’s still a low-14 second car in a straight line, which is about the same boat a stock Fox is in. And seriously, who actually owns a stock Fox?

    I, for one, despise the ST. It represents a huge performance engineering effort on an otherwise non-performance oriented chassis, is full of widgets and gizmos that serve no purpose other than sucking in ignorant buyers, and it lacks one huge, glaring detail that other cars in the same market have- AWD. If Ford would just give it AWD, I would be cool with it, and ignore the fact that some part of the MSRP is paying for an elaborate and completely useless engine-noise amplifying tube in the dashboard.
  16. Eh, the fact that Toyota went to such great lengths to get a RWD coupe in the Scion lineup tells me that these manufacturers have realized they’re giving up market share by only offering FWD. There are still people out there who care to have fun while driving a car, and those people want to buy RWD stuff.
  17. MM&FF just tested the ST in their last issue and even with a nearly 2.2-60ft on stock tires, they still managed to nail a 14-flat @100mph. That'll smoke a stock Fox and is as at least as quick as many of the basic bolt on Fox's I've seen.

    Dude, you just described the Fox Mustang to a T! Are we forgetting our beloved is little more than a glorified Ford Fairmont? That same strategy seemed to work out pretty well for the Mustang didn't it?

    Those ignorant buyers checques cash as well as anyone else's. Your right though....AWD would certainly be awesome, but then the car would also be prices accordingly. How many other cars in its class can you guy for it's $24,000 base price range that handles like a go-car, are sub-14-second capable, will do 150mph+ and still knocks out over 30mpg while having 5-doors?

    If I didn't absolutely NEED a truck for daily duty, I'd own one of them tomorrow!

  18. You’re talking about the same guys who manage 12s from stock engine Foxes. These guys get paid to thrash on cars and write about it, and some of them are pretty good behind the wheel. The average owner in the average ST is not going to cut times like that. It’s a moot point though, because it’s like arguing over who is the skinniest of the fat kids- neither car in stock form is really that fast to begin with. Both are slower than any modern sports car worth owning.

    At least the Fox chassis was designed from the start to carry a V8 and spin the correct tires. It was also never an entry level econo-car. The Focus ST is just like the Neon SRT-4 (another car I thoroughly hate), only Ford is doing it for different reasons.

    I don’t know what that word with the Q in it is, but I totally agree with this statement… Ford makes money on it, good for them. I just don’t like it, haha.

    Pricing for the Subaru WRX starts at under 26K. Turbo’d boxer engine PLUS full-time, symmetrical AWD>>>>>>>>> Focus ST. That’s just me, though. :D
  19. I forgot what we were evening talking about originally now. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer rear wheel drive, but it's not the end defining character. Ford offers an AWD Fusion, but most of the reviews I read on it said that it didn't perform any better than the front wheel drive one, and we decided it wasn't worth the extra cash and hassle. Speaking of new RWD performance cars, have any of you see the new turbo Hyundai Genesis Coupe? I know it's a Hyundai, but it's a really cool car.

  20. There's a generation gap between a 97' E36 and the mid 80's E30s I've been working on. Quite a bit changed.