SN95 with Cobra front brakes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by StinkinLincoln, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. I did the upgrade awhile ago. Its not stopping hard. ABS does not kick on and the tires do not lock up or skid. the car slows down, but not quick enough.

    Do i need to put a proportioning valve in?
    no abs/brake light. i had a bad rear wheel speed sensor but i fixed it.

  2. Install the cobra master cylinder.. Cobras and GT's have different master cylinders..

    And of course, make sure they are bled completely
  3. Ditto on the above. Did you swap the MC too? I have the entire front kit on my car and it stops nice and clean. Very confident stops indeed.

    Check to make sure it's bled right too.
  4. No, stock GT MC. I guess i could bleed them again. No spungy pedal though like you normally get with air. Its more like feeling a lack of power assist for hard stops. just easy breaking i dont notice it to be any different than other cars.

    i dont remember if i deglazed the pads or not, the rotors did get a little rusted from sitting but it all went away after i drove it.
  5. Something is wrong. Keep bleeding them.

    I am running a GT Cylinder and Cobra brakes and my brakes do lock and ABS kicks in quite well. Also, I'm running stainless steel brake lines too, that might help.

    But I would definitely bleed the brakes!

    Good luck!
  6. One of the problems that people report while using the GT MC is a hard pedal. Sounds like the proper MC and adapter lines would go a long way into giving you what you want.
  7. same here, no problems.
  8. Take the pads off and check them I think they are glazed. Are they stock pads or aftermarket?
  9. There could be other possible issues. First check the the check valve on the brake booster. If that's okay the other thing that can happen is for the booster diaphragm to split. If your pedal is hard and it's like trying to stop as if the engine is off the diaphragm should be suspect. I had that happen about a year ago.